The Thrill of Travelling The Blind List

Why Do I love the world?

I love the world cause it amazes me!

What amazes me the most?

The Thrill of exploring new places, varying culture and being where I have not been before!

"The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page"

But what is the thrill of reading a book when you know all the content inside? So do not bother to do thorough research. Just Follow your heart, pack your bag and go on blind dates with the world. Trust me it will amaze you to no bound!

You know what is my bucket list? Well, I do not have any bucket list but a blind list that leads me to joy. I am an avid traveler. I have not just traveled different parts of India but have actually lived in them. I have never planned any of my travels as I find planning a little boring and always a risky affair.

I love traveling incognito and on impulse. All my last trips whether it was my honeymoon in Dubai to, Sikkim trip or the last minute Christmas celebration in Goa, all were the last minute plans. And still, I did no research. I went packing a minimal and went exploring all the lesser known pockets in those places.

Why Travel With The Blind List

The very answer to this question is -Thrill and Fun. If you understand the essence of travel, it wouldn't take a long for you to unravel that it is out quest explore things we haven't see before or heard but never been before that makes us travel. 

We all love a thriller. right? How often do we re-read a thriller? Well, rarely. We do not read a book or story that we have already read. We need new stories. We pick a plot and hope that the book will win us over, hooked to it. Woah and when it does, the experience is amazing.

Imagine if someone blindfolds you and when you open your eyes, you find yourself amidst snow, a place that you always wanted to be. Your experience will be manifold.

Why Do I Travel

I Travel to see newer places,
newer perspectives
to grow my vision
and strengthen my mission.

I travel to find new joys
to meet new people
to see how life evolves
with me and others standby.

I travel to explore
more pleasure to my senses
to meet those people
behind the names

I travel to relish
the local flavors and dish
try new cuisine
and tickle my fanciest wish

I travel cause I am Inspired
with the world and its wonders
a brand new splendor
that I discover in every street.

Going #TheBlindList is on my #BucketList

I am not denouncing the importance of Bucket list. Have your bucket lists but sometime, go with a blind list. Just follow your gut and explore the unseen, un-been. 

Well, going blind list was on my bucket list and though I have fulfilled this wish a couple of times, I wish to do more of it. 

And why not?

Why you need to plan? My mantra, just take the time off, pack your bags with whatever available. gear up your vehicle, a car or a bike [if you are an avid biker] and just start off.

I do that often, I pack my bags and rush to the nearest airport, book the flight and on landing rush to explore a new place, a new hotel, a new city, a new picnic spot maybe.

So where are you traveling today?

It is time to #SayYesToTheWorld

Love and XOXO

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