Trying Tanjore Tiffin in Mumbai

When I discovered the Tanjore Tiffin by Chance

There are some places that are made for pure taste bud enlightenment and some for the overall experience and having a good time. The Tanjore Tiffin Room belongs to the latter category.

It was a discovery by an accident and I loved this discovery. Discovered Tanjore Tiffin while looking for another option after WTF veg food left us unsatiated with the menu and the taste. 

The Place
It is next door to WTF, marked by beautiful lamps on the wall and an equally beautiful ambiance inside. TTR offers two sitting offers- AC and opens seating. I totally loved their open seating. It looks very unique and had a character of its own. 

The place is beautifully dim lit and also has its own bar. I totally loved the name, as it reminds me of all the beautiful time spent in down south. Being a south Indian cuisine fan, I decided to try this place.

The Food

The menu is simple and clear. They offer both veg and non-veg food. Some of the dishes like mini idlis in gunpowder, katrrika sent me down the memory lane.

There is one remarkable thing about this place is - the tasting platter. Once you are seated, they offer you a platter which had a sample of different curries [chettinad, korma, and others] and rice flavors [from Pulliogra, Takali Sadam [Tomato rice], Lemon rice, Coconut rice] to choose from. You can try the samples and accordingly select the dishes. Since we already had some pasta, bhurji down our throat from WTF, we chose some subtle dishes like Rasam with Applam, Mini idlis, Plain Dosa among others. 

The Service

One thing that I did not like about the place was an endless wait to get a table. It was a busy Sunday we know and we were willing to wait. However, the person in charge was way too slow in accommodating in spite of few tables getting vacated and new walk-ins getting escorted without reservations. We were told a wait time for max 30 minutes but we waited for almost an hour before we insisted and reminded politely for a table [given that we were ok to share]

Service was a sour point at this place. The service was pretty slow [the place was over packed] and the food was decent. The quantity is something they need to recheck given the pricing.

Would I revisit them? yes of course. 

However, this time will check for a reservation to save those hassles of waiting unnecessarily. 

Overall, I liked the place, the concept, and the ambiance. Food was ok. 

Stay Haute, Eat Haute,

Haute Kutir


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