My First LujoBox | Unboxing & Review of Beautiful Subscription Box!

Lujo Box= Luho Box

Happiness is discovering a new beauty box. Lujo Box is such a surprise, delightful dose of beauty products. It is a brand new subscription box in India that attracts all the eyeballs.

I couldn't resist the Lujobox wave and got myself one. And yes, their Instagram page told me that it is pronounced as "Luho box".

Those who are following me on Instagram would have seen the sneak peak. Also, I have run a poll asking if you want to see an IGTV video or a YouTube Video. A majority of you voted for the "YouTube Video".

Do check out my unboxing video to know more.

The Unboxing Video

How is it possible that we get a box and do not unbox it for our subscribers? Well, the temptation is irresistible. If you excuse the tiny delay due to bad health, the video is finally live on my YouTube Channel. You can watch this video here or watch it on my YouTube Channel

Watch the unboxing video-

I hope you liked the video. Do Subscribe Me on YouTube. 

What's Inside my First every Lujo Box

This box contains around 5-6 products. Viz-

1) A Bonus Tshirt @ Rs 1650 Free Size
3) Elenblu Liquid Eyeliner - Full Size
2) Lavender Hair Mask- Full Size
5) Wild Earth Body Cream- Delux Size
4) Elenblu Emerald Green Gel Crayon pencil - Full Size6) La Cure Facial Mud Mask- Full Size

Where to Buy your own Lujo Box?

You can buy this box at

Haute Kutir Verdict: The Lujobox is indeed a lovely monthly beauty diet. I loved the simple box with good branding and qualitative packaging. The products range is good and useful. It is a lovely subscription box and if you check their website, you may get some interesting discounts as well on monthly/quarterly/annual subscription.

I loved this box. 

Stay Haute, 
Ekta for Haute Kutir

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