Five Smart Home Solutions For Day to Day Life

The Magic of Technology

People often crib about the pitfalls of technology. Technology, however, has more boons than banes. And it totally depends on how you envisage and use it.

Over the years, technology has really evolved, from the Radioshack's handheld games to Playstations to motion sensors, it's not just gaming but from communication to medical to management, to entertainment, technology evolution in omnipresent and irreversible.

Since technology has changed the way we used to communicate or work, it had quite invaded our lives and now to our homes. Imagine, when someone told our ancestors that one day they can speak to or see anyone in the world with a device smaller than their palm size, what would their reaction be?

"Must be Magic!" they must have quipped. Well, Technology is magically transforming our innate inspirations into reality. Technology is the Magic!

The Smart Home Evolution

We spoke about magic and if you see the smartphones today, you will feel what I am talking about. There was a time when telecommunication was a rarity. Little did we knew that bulky black telephone box will be metamorphosized into a sleek metallic black smartphone and will 1000 plus things.

Like TV smartphone has become a piece of must-have equipment in all the houses wherein people may have just one TV per house but no of smartphones will be equal to or exceed the number of people in the house.

Having a smartphone is not just an end in itself. There are more interesting "Smart devices" that can turn your home into Smart Homes.

Why Go for Smart Homes?

I will sum up it up in few words. They are-

1) Increased Safety
2) Optimum Utilization Of Resources
3) Technical Investment to save operational cost
4) Ease of Usage/ Targeted convenience
5) Higher Engagement

Let's quickly look at them, how they changed my life and can change your life too.

Smart Products for Your Home in 2019

1) Smart Wearables /Watches

I love products with multi-utility features. And smart wearables esp the watches are one of them. They not just look chic and geeky on you but comes loaded with many lifestyle supporting features. For example- Apple watch. I have two Apple devices- iPhone and Macbook. However, I cannot carry either of them all the time.

If you are an iPhone user, you know how sensitive and expensive its screen is? Taking it for jogging is a strict no-no. Hence, sometimes I prefer using a smartwatch that will not just help me in monitoring my health parameters like steps taken or KMs run or calories burn. But its "cellular" feature also help me navigate, pick urgent calls while working out or traveling among many other features. Oh yes, it looks elite to wear and shows time too!

2) Smart Camera: 

I am not joking but it is a boon for nuclear families, senior citizens living alone, working parents, small home [SOHO] businesses. Some of them may look like a webcam or a spy cam but trust me they are more useful.

I had placed one in my kitchen to monitor my house-help/cook. You can place a few at a strategically placed location in your home to monitor your children esp when both of you are away working.

Having it placed near the door will help you in ascertaining the visitors. And there is a reason why there is an increase in homes opting for such cameras esp for outdoors. It's safety first, right?

3) Smart Light 
They are not just mood lifting accessories but some of them also double up as power saver. Why would you say no to fixing some smart lights at your home that can help you save on electricity bills while adding a new feel to your house?

I generally used to rue returning home late in the evenings wherein I have to switch all the lights. It gets scary for few of us, considering how far is the light switch from the door entrance, how well you can see in the dark etc. Smart lights also works on voice command and is a boon esp for older people or children.

They are portable, LED enabled and comes with a "Home Away Control".

Besides, they add to your decor too.

4) Smart Home Devices- 
You must be really living under a rock if you have not heard about Alexa or Google home. These may not have yet become "must-have products but are quite "good to have products". You wonder why?

For eg- My mother is not very internet savvy but she like watching content online. Imagine she don't need to bother typing her favorite sitcom or get up to switch off the light while watching something on Netflix.

Her favorite is- Music on demand while she is working in the kitchen with doughs, floors, oils, gravy and dishes, all to engage her better. Do you think that is possible with a regular music player?

5) Smartphone

At the heart of "Smart Home technology," if there is a piece of equipment that's a common factor and could sync with all, it would be your smartphone. A lot of you may quip that why I am stressing on a smartphone? Well, the fact is that if you can sync all these smart products with one common product for the wholesome utility- it is your smartphone. However, less than 50%-60% of mobile consumers in India are on a smartphone. A lot of them still uses the old push to talk phones. I would not be surprised if some of them are not even 3G or 4G compatible.

So, it is imperative to invest in a good smartphone with LTE/VOLTE compatibility. Good news is you have many options that range from mere Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000 and above.

Technology evolution has many gems that turn your limitations into your control.

It is the technology that enables you to see through your door and speak to the visitor outside the door or the traveler 2000 miles away, all at the same time.

It is high time, you bring technology to your home too, making them "Smart Homes".

Say yes to Smart Revolution. It is time to #GetFitWithFlipkart and starts a #SmartHomeRevolution!

Love and XOXO
Ekta Khetan
Haute Kutir

Pic Source: Ikea, Flipkart & shutterstock

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