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A good lifestyle and real beauty begin from a healthy body. Hence, of late we started focusing on health as a vertical too, to timely emphasize on a healthy lifestyle.

Food is one important aspect when it comes to maintaining a good health regime. And among the food categories, Soya protein as part of the protein is quintessential in urban living and well-being.

In the previous posts on Soya Protein, we have briefly discussed on-

In this post, I am going to talk about Soya Protein for heart health. Before we begin this post, let me advise that all the information as shared by me in this post is secondary and tertiary in nature. I am not a nutritionist or a certified medical professional. The literature is suggestive in nature and given the different body types, composition, I request my readers to consult their doctors before adding a new regime.

Soya Protein and Heart Health

Our life is no longer what it used to be a decade back. As we enter into a new digital era, with ever-changing lifestyle including aging, our health undergoes as many changes as we generally cannot envisage. Especially our heart. Our heart undoubtedly is the center of our body, pumping life to the whole body to make it function. Apart from the stress, and other lifestyle factors, food also affects our heart. No wonder the increase in cholesterol or a high number of casualty due to the stroke is in rising.

As per a study by the American Centre for Disease Control And Prevention, including Soya in your diet can decrease your risk of heart attack and benefit your overall health.


LDL stands for Low-Density Lipoproteins and HDL stands for High-Density Lipoproteins.

The benefits of Soya protein could also be summed up as-

  • Soya Foods is a source of high-quality Protein and is low in saturated fats and Cholesterol. It is known to have lower your bad cholesterol [LDL] and improve your good cholesterol [HDL]

And we all know how Saturated fats and high cholesterol aides in heart attack followed by cardiac arrest. Hence, apart from lifestyle changes including exercises, one must prevent saturated fats from food. So, it is time to try that Soya Tikki Burger.

  • Soy Food is also included dietary fiber, high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, iron, among other nutrients.
  • Soy Protein comes from a legume called Soy Bean which is high in protein [next to animal protein but with lesser saturated fats] 

So if you are suffering from any heart ailment or risk heart ailment or if your cholesterol is on the rise, Soy Protein [in a prescribed limit] is a piece of good news for you. Another good news is everyone including vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians can consume Soy Protein

Soyfoods comes in a wide variety. Right from Soy Milk [for lactose intolerant or vegans] to Soy Flour [Vegetarians] to Soy Sausages [Non-vegetarians] to Tofu to Soy Chunks.

Things to Remember
1) Always look for an allergy test. Some of us may allergy to a certain food. So, if you have not consumed it in past, look for allergy [if any]
2) Do consult your nutritionist for a dietary portion.

So, if you love your heart, you will soon start loving the Soybeans too.

Say yes to a healthy heart and healthy living with Soya Proteins.

Stay Healthy, Stay Haute


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