Empties & Mini Review- Face & Body Beauty Products That I used

The Beauty Empties

We bloggers often showcase or recommend a certain product/products. It is part of our blogging requirement where we need to try and tell about different beauty products.

A lot of you may wonder if we actually use those products and all of them?

A lot of you are curious to know whether we use those products or no? and what's our experience through the entire product lifecycle is like? Cause most of the time, some of the products [love the contrast here though] that we show generally falls under "the first impression". In fact, a lot of time we may not have showcased those products.

Other than this, there are a lot of readers who want timely recommendation wrt skincare products- old and new. And for all these reasons, I believe in doing beauty Empties video/blog.

What Is Beauty Empties?

Beauty empties are nothing but the used/ all consumed makeup, hair and beauty products. A lot of times we could not resist the temptation of trying a new brand in the market. And if my gut stats are to be believed, at least a 50% of those tempting products goes unused. Like we discard the used bottles, it is imperative to discard the products that you are no longer using, is nearing expiry or already reached the expiry date.

In this video, I am going to showcase all such products to you alongwith my overall experience using each of them. Do watch this video to know more-

The reason why I have shot this beauty empties video for you. As our experience with products may vary from person to person and, even change during usage. So it is very important to tell the viewers about it.

In this video, I will tell you about a few face, hand and body products that I have recently finished using. Along with the details of the experience.

Watch this video on YouTube- Top Empties and Mini Review

Here is some glimpse of the products shown in the video.

My Other Empties Video

There are also a few videos about my monthly favorites. Do watch them too.

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I will be coming soon with new videos on new skincare products, a brand new lipstick and contour palette and more. For more videos, stay tuned and let me know if you have any further queries.

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