Easy Haircut at Home 3 Steps Cut For All Hair Type | Straight Or layers | Covid Lockdown

The LockDown Hairy Tales

Women are born beautiful. So what if you miss going to parlor and miss that little indulgence you did on body/hair? You can still stay groomed while at home, without spending a penny!
So if I were to ask you, the top 3 beauty services that you missed getting during the lockdown, what would be they? I know a sweeping majority would be about waxing and threading, following which would be a facial and then maybe- a hair cut!

I will get to waxing and threading later [on your request unless you got that set] and facial is something we have done a DIY Facial at Home Video in the past. Let me know if you that is not working for you and you need an alternative [given the fact the video was primarily focused on a branded set of product, and if you are unable/not so confident about finding an appropriate replacement in your kitchen, let me know] 

Hence, we are left to the hair! [If any hair on the head is left post lockdown, Bazinga!] 

So, let's find a simple and easy way to address that as well. 

DIY Haircut in the Lockdown

Good news, you can indeed cut/trim/style your hair at home. Here's a quick and simple, easy-peasy tip to cut your hair at home with a video demonstration, 

In this video, I am sharing a simple 3 steps trick to cut your own hair at home. This is a DIY- Do it Yourself, a haircut that you can do on any length of hair, wavy/ straight, Wavy/ straight/layers.

All you need is 
1) A comb/hairbrush 
2) Scissors 
3) Hair ties/bands/Clips 

You can use this technique to not just trim your hair but can remove unwanted split-ends and narrow tailing at the end. Watch this video to know more. 

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Note: I have not styled [used blow drier etc to style my hair post the cut as the parlors generally do. That may make the result look different but and lesser appealing. So you can iron/blowdry your hair post the cut to create feel-good effect] 

Points to Remember
1) It works best on clean, shampooed and wet hair
2) Use sharp scissors to knock off the extra hair
3) Avoid wearing any heavy/long ear jewelry while chopping your tresses.
4) Use an old cloth or a newspaper to avoid hair fly-ins on the floor. 
5) When trying for the first time, go for a shorter length.

Hope this video is useful for you. Do share your feedback/experience/queries with me on the comments box below. I would love to feature you too. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe! 
Haute Kutir


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