Beginner's Gardening: Grow Ajwain & Aloe Vera in Home

Love plants but dunno how to start gardening at home? 

Want to keep home plants but do not know where to begin? 

Well, as promised, here I am with a new video on "Beginner's Gardening". 

Want to know how to plant Aloe Vera and Ajwain at home? Watch this video to know/learn more-

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About These Plants

I have planted two lovely plants that need no introduction
1) AjwainAjwainajowan or Trachyspermum ammi—also known as ajowan carawaybishop's weed or carom. It belongs to the same family of Caraway, Fennel, and Cumin. The plant is not just a beautiful looking green herb but also has many health benefits. We often use Ajwain seeds in Indian Cooking. However, I am not sure if breast-0feeding mothers should consume them or not. 

2) Aloe Vera: Also known as "Grhitkumari" in Hindi, Aloe Vera is a succulent considered as nectar. It does not just purify the air but has great medicinal use also.

While these plants come with great consumption benefits, I like to keep them intact unless urgent. 

Things That You Would Need-

There are alternate ways to plant as well. However, I will enlist the products that I used-

1) A mid/large size pot
2) Potting mix
3) Plant cuttings [with roots]
4) A small Khurpi [Garden Tool] or a spoon to till the soil
5) Water [of course] 

The video was shot in December but uploaded recently. I am not sure if summer is the right time to 
You can see the current status of the plants on my latest video here

Well, for the above and many related queries, do check this video to know more. Any questions? 
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How to Care for these Plants
I follow the right watering and sunshine regime. While I have kept Aloe Vera inside the house, close to the gallery, I water it only when the soil becomes dry. Wherein I have kept Ajwain on the stand in the gallery [direct exposure to the sun], and I try to water it once in a day [during non-peak sun hours] or twice in summers [Ahmedabad has very dry weather and if your gallery is west facing, you need extra care and if possible some time to time shades for the plants] 

Why Grow Plants at Home?
1) Being a plant parent not just nurture your personality but adds to your overall well-being
2) Fresh and real produce without contaminations
3) Adds to the overall aesthetic of the house esp when the plants have medicinal/ air-purifying values.
4) Most Importantly- for the love of plants!

If you are a plant parent, do let me know your experiences. 

Stay Haute, Stay Environment Friendly.
Ekta Khetan
Haute Kutir 


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