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Celebrating Beauty; Women's Crowing Glory

Asian or European, tall or skinny, wheatish or fair, hair is the crowning glory of all women across the world. Black, blonde, brunette, salt, and pepper, or long, shoulder-length, or the fancy mohawk cut, every woman loves their hair. And why not, it is after all accredited as a woman's jewel ever since ancient times. 

This post celebrates beauty, celebrates women's love for their tresses, and aims to make them look beautiful, bounce with good health, ever and forever. 

Caring for the Crowning Glory

We all are born with naturally beautiful hair. Growing age, lifestyle habits, stress, and often environmental pollution hurts and damages our naturally lush hair. There are different ways we follow since childhood to keep our hair strong and shiny. One such most prevalent, most effective hair care regime is- oiling!

Hair Oiling is the key

In childhood, we never faced hair fall or such an issue cause our mother or grandmothers would often wash our hair and apply a good coat of oil and tie them in interesting buns. The weekly oil ritual especially at those winter mornings at the sunlit verandah was one of the fondest memories we grew up with. Today when I look back and re-imagine my lovely tresses, I would often hear myself saying- Thank You, Nani. And my Nani would tell me to thanks the hair oil that works deep inside my hair to keep them healthy. So true.

As we grow up, and with the change of lifestyle, oiling took a backseat, and too many chemical treatments came forth. From straightening to curling to the spa to coloring, we have always kept our hair in the spot. Surprisingly, most of these techniques will make us avoid using hair oil. Avoid using hair oil? How? I cannot imagine my life when I have hair and I could avoid using hair oil. Cause no matter how good these temporary chemical treatments can make my hair look good, one thing that will pamper them forever is the- hair oil.

Selecting the right hair oil and following a right oiling regime can sail you through many bad hair days and will also keep your hair troubles at bay. 

How? read more to know more... 

The Art of Hair Oiling and Kesh king

No matter how much modern hair spa may come to fore, one thing that would never go out of the shelf is- Oil head massage or champi as we fondly call it. While there are different hair oil in the market offering different blends, there is one brand that stands out and is literally holding its position in the sun for many years is- Kesh King.

About kesh-King: Kesh King Oil is the market leader in the Ayurvedic hair oil category. (Highest market share consistently for years). It is a problem-solution brand, clinical studies have proven it is 2 times more effective in reducing hair fall and growing new hair as compared to other oils.
Kesh King is a Problem Solution brand that offers products like Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Shampoo, Conditioner and Ayurvedic Capsule for various Hair Problems but majorly Hair Fall. Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil is the Category Leader in Ayurvedic Hair Oil Category and other key players are Indulekha, Sesa, & Kesh Kanti Nationally and Aswini & Parachute Ayurvedic in the South Zone.

So you not just need an anti-hair loss shampoo also but the best ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall and dry hair.

Kesh King shampoo the only Ayurvedic shampoo that solves hair fall problem as well as gives shiny, silky, soft hair.

More About the product:

●Science of Ayurveda: Kesh King Oil is an Ayurvedic and 100% safe product.

● 2X More effective: Clinically proven to be 2x more effective in reducing hair fall and growing new hair

● Herbal Formulation; Made with 21 herbs using Tel Pak Vidhi. The Shampoo Contains Aloe Vera [Grihtakumari] a miraculous herbal plant for skin and body

● Post Pregnancy Haircare: It promises to have no side effects, safe to be used for post-pregnancy hair fall in new mothers as well

Also, Kesh King is the only brand that has a doctor on call [helpline] to solve your different hair problems. The oil claims not just to reduce your hair fall but it also helps in promoting new hair growth. Isn't that amazing? Indeed! A lot of women across the decades have been trying this product.

The Product

The oil comes inside a beautiful transparent green bottle with a comb applicator. Yes a comb applicator that will not just help you to apply the oil directly into the root, it will also help the oil in reaching the hair shaft and subsequent penetration to the roots. Keeping your hands clean and devoid of any based residue. 

Here are the key benefits that the product promises to offer-

1. Enables New Hair Growth
2. Helps in Reducing Dandruff 
3. Ayurveda based oil with natural ingredients
4. Helps in reducing Hair fall even for new mothers.


Haircare does not end at mere oiling. A lot depends on what are the other hair products you are using and also your body essential nutrition level. Using the right oil is not a complete assurance. And you need to be mindful of the other products that you are using. To help that Kesh King also has an Ayurvedic Shampoo and conditioner, and an Ayurvedic capsule for hair issues- mainly hair fall. It may not be very effective on dandruff so if your main problem is dandruff then you must consult the brand helpline before trying this product. 

So, do check for this beforehand and also the list of ingredients.

Also, a lot of factors involved wrt oiling your hair. One is how and when to oil? Contrary to the popular myth, our suggestion is the best time to oil your hair would be post washing. It is the perfect time when the root and pores are cleansed of all gunk and natural oil secretion. Take a few pumps of oil [with the applicator of course] and gently apply in your hair, leaving some gap for the roots to breathe in. keep the oil for a day, and then you can wash with a mild shampoo. Do try this and let us know if you feel any difference.

For more info, do visit Kesh King.

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