Drop the Base Serum Foundation by Try Sugar- Video Review and Impressions

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I am back with a brand new makeup trial. Yes, I have a Trial Tuesday/ Thursday segment on my YouTube channel where we pick a makeup/beauty care product, try it on the camera, and share the first impression, experience, and overall review.

The products featured in such trial videos are largely makeup products, essentially for the makeup base. Why the makeup base? Well, as we all know the right makeup starts and ends with the right base. And having the right base completes at least 50% of the makeup activity. 

Often the base is where a lot of us err or feel restricted. While we talk about the art later or you can watch a few of the makeup tutorials on the channel, we are focusing a lot on makeup base products like foundation, primer, and compacts. The series so far has few and notable brands in the same category. Today we are talking about another very popular brand in India- Sugar cosmetics. 

We have featured the brand's flagship- stick foundation on the channel and also compared it to another stick foundation from another brand- Colorbar. Here are the links that can help you locate the above-mentioned videos.

Sugar Foundation Stick

Sugar V/S Colorbar

There are more, for that do visit my YouTube channel.

Try Sugar Drop the Serum foundation

Watch the full Trial Video here or below

Here are a few things that I liked about this product and what did not.

What I Liked

1) Clean, natural finish

2) easy to apply n buff

3) long-lasting natural wear up to 4 hours smoothly

4) minimal oxidization

5) Cruelty-Free

What went wrong/ Did not like much

1) Very medium coverage

2) Dry deposits

3) Bottle form looks fragile, hygiene risk and accessibility issues suppose the foundation reaches the bottom level or dropper is broken, how will you pick?

4) Non travel Friendly: Due to glass form factor.

5) Serum is negligible, looks more watery based

6) Transfers easily. Need to be set.

7) Product quantity is not satisfactory

Haute Kutir Verdict: While I liked the product and found it a good match for skin tone [it has a large variety of shades for different skin types], I found the pricing could be better and so does the form factor with wide mouth opening. The brand has unnecessarily spent money on the foam packaging that may not be conducive for the user to keep and carry all the time. The pricing could have been more competitive if that could have been avoided. 

The longevity is decent and this foundation is good for general use, no-makeup makeup look,s or natural finish. Flash photography is not an issue and the product scores there well. 

The foundation is very thick and the watery consistency might ruin your mojo. Yeah if you notice the bottle, you will find the watery liquid separating from the foundation making you really suspicious about the quantity. That would be a big minus 1 from me. 

Overall rating: 3/5

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