Banana Powder and Try Sugar Banana Compact Powder - Feel cheated

In the previous blog, we shared our review and impression of Try Sugar drop the base serum foundation.

In this blog, we will share our review and opinion of their other makeup base product- Banana Compact powder.

What is Banana Powder: It is an ultra-fine, yellow-toned powder that you apply to your face. It ideally sets your concealer, color correct any redness of the skin. Essentially a great tool for baking. 

Normally it comes in a powdered form and needs to be applied with the help of a brush or a beauty sponge. 

Does it contain a banana? No

The name derives from the yellow-toned color of this powder. 

I normally find using banana powder messy to use so when I heard that Try Sugar, an Indian brand has a compact version of it, I could not help but bought one. There were so many exhilarating videos on Instagram where some bloggers also recommended it.

So, Is the product worth the hype?

Let's Find out

Try Sugar Banana Compact powder

Do check out my Trial Tuesday video here, featuring the same product with on-screen usage and more to give you a better real-life scenario.

The review and impression is absolutely personal and based on usage so far. While I bought this product under the Instagram influence, one thing I learned is that I should never go chasing popular endorsements and instead try. The store inventories are generally quite unhygienic, hence I just checked it from external appearance. And what I swatched, I liked. 

Here's a detail opinion about this product.

What I Liked

1) Easy to use

2) Form Factor- square box

3) Inclusion of a sweet powder puff which is very convenient and good

4) Matte effect

5) Travel-friendly

What I did not like

1) Fake Mirror: It's not a mirror but plastic with no reflection. Big thumbs down.

2) Pricing: The product is not worth the price. 

3) Does not set concealer as well as expected- creasing is an issue

4) Does not color correct either

Haute Kutir Verdict

If you could ignore the dummy mirror, [feels cheated] the product is a darling, little dry when you apply, so better to use less quantity and allow to settle.

However, because of the fake mirror, the whole impression of the product goes down. Makes you wonder even if their claim for cruelty-free is authentic or not. It is not that the product is price effective. No. There was no requirement to include a mirror if the brand cannot ensure the mirror is not authentic. I have ordered from the brand website so you cannot complain about counterfeit products.

The product has the tendency to dry up your skin so be minimal while applying it. Coverage is decent and not too impressive or competition cutting either. 

Pricing could have been better too. 

Overall Rating 1/5

Do I recommend it? No!

I would rather suggest you pick Oriflame's normal compact powder or Lakme's any compact powder over this product unless the brand comes up a changed and better version of it. 

Stay Haute, Stay Happy

Haute Kutir

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