What does your sleeping position tell about you? #WorldSleepDay

What does your sleeping position tell about you?

There are thousands of ways to tell a personality type. From the blood type to face contour to colors and even -Sleeping Position

Yes, the way you sleep talks about your personality, your daily ordeal, and your nature type. Sleeping like a log has become an old idiom. The way a lot of women sleep, you can easily term them as sleeping ninjas, sleeping blossom, timelapse turbines, and more. Irrespective, women are sleeping beauty and you could decode from their sleep positions as in what is going in their mind.

Here's decoding Five popular sleeping positions that different women exhibit and their state of mind.

1) The Fetus

It shows the reserve and the sensitive side of your personality. It signifies that you are holding a dream that is worth snuggling of and that you do not want to let go of. When someone is sleeping in a Fetal position, it means they feel they need to be understood, protected, and empathized with. It was my primitive sleeping position and I found my outlet through the way of blogging and writing. Some women may find it via painting or dancing too

2) Starfish

If you sleep on your back, with your hands and legs spread across in a drag of a starfish, then it suggests the openness of your nature, your good listening skill. A lot of time this position reflects the strength and positive outlook. This suggests that you are not worried about anything but feel free to love, laugh, and live.

3) Freefall

WHEN YOU SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH WITH YOUR HANDS THROWN NEAR YOUR ears and your legs folded towards your left, it signifies the vulnerable side of your nature. This position signifies your vulnerabilities, your sensitiveness nature. However, this position is very beneficial for digestion. Try it.

4) Heron

Sleeping on the side with one leg raised means that you are adventurous, unpredictable, and extremely moody. This position signifies that you love peace over conflict and would not take things lying low.

5) Soldier

If you are sleeping on your back with your legs in attention and both hands straights on the side, that means you are very disciplined and reserved. When you sleep with your nose pointing to the ceiling, it may lead to snoring but it also denotes a common stigma that we all women undergo every month- TROUBLED BY PERIOD STAINS!!!

Yes, this is a position that I find myself and many other women resorting to during those 3 happy days of the month. The fear of a bunched up napkin, a wild strain or the mere napkin discomfort makes women sleep like a soldier, a warrior fighting the menstrual inconvenience even in their sleep. Sometimes it is pure muscle contractions that make you sleep in a particular way- like hands under the body.

They say- the best way to sleep, is to sleep on your sides[mostly left], with a small beneath your knees. Hands should be near your chest but not touching them as it could disturb the heartbeat while you sleep and could abruptly wake you up in the middle of nap time. 

Whatever is your sleeping position, always remember- a good sleep ensures a fresh feeling when you wake up the next day. So irrespective of your sleep positions, you must take at least 7 hours nap. After all, beauty sleep is really vital to survive another day. 

Here's a small poem to all women

Women, you are an epitome of beauty, grace, 
and elegance.
 sophistication is thy second name. 
Charisma is your tame.

You walk like an elephant, 
indulging in your own gait. 
You dance like a peacock, 
through the puddles of rain. 
You pout like a diva, 
you sing like a nightingale

My warrior princess,
my sweet September
You are the loveliest dame.

Let me kiss you goodnight,
so you sleep 
without any fear or shame

Toss, turn, snore or yawn
Sleep Well till the break of dawn!

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