Quickly Send/Transfer Photos/Videos/ Files from Macbook, iPhone for FREE #AppleTricks

What: An Apple Tutorial

Genre: Lifestyle Technology

Subject: Send files from Macbook to iPhone and Vide-versa

Format: Video + Text

Level of difficulty: Easy

Objective: Quick File/Picture/Video transfer between two/ multiple Apple Devices without cables/software/ port 

Transfer Your Files Between Apple Devices

The new Macbook [Air/Pro] comes with two C-type ports hence eliminating all ports of your regular USB, Micro SSD, HDMI, and other slots. Strategy aside, this new development caused quite a heartburn and pocket burn for the loyal Apple users and even the new wannabes. As the Macbook prices further increased, the new processors made the intel processor more expensive and features shrank, several Macbook users like me felt the extra financial pinch to invest in additional cable/dock to enable file transfer.

How to Transfer the Files between 2 Apple Devices

Traditionally, the most prevalent way of transferring the files between the devices used to be-

1) Transfer Via iPhone Charger plugged in MacBook A Type Port

2) Transfer Via cloud [subjected to limited space and cost constraint]

3) Transfer via an external HDD that needs to be compatible with MacBook ports

Since the newer Macbooks do not have the usual A-type port any longer, you need to invest in an additional C-type port adaptor to get the above [except no 2] going, including for Android devices. 

The cable/port adaptor cost starts from Rs 1000 and goes up to 9000 for any decent brand. Apple has its own branded adaptor starts from Rs 1900 which comes with one single USB port. If you want to buy one with more ports that you have to invest as high as 3500 plus for Apple-branded ones. Other approved brands like Anker, A-logic are no cheaper either. 

If you are a hardcore Apple fan who uses multiple devices from the same co, then this challenge is mitigated for you. You can easily transfer the files from one Apple device to another in few simple clicks without using any cable/ software or port.

How? Watch this video to find out

Video Tutorial

You can watch this on YouTube directly too. Click this

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MacBook Air or Pro? Which one to buy? My New MacBook

It is a simple and easy-to-follow video tutorial. Hope that you find this video handy and useful. Do let me know your views.

You can follow this process to transfer files/ photos/videos to and fro between

1) Macbook to iPhone

2) iPad to Macbook

3) Macbook to iPod

I am sure that many of you would already be knowing it but still, there are users who might be using a device for years, sometimes skips few in-built features like these. Here's hoping that Apple does not remove this feature in the next launch 😉😁. 

How About Android Users?

If you are using an Android handset, then you may like to check the "nearby share" feature. But it may not work for transfer between Apple and Android. 


With the advent of smartphones, a lot of gadgets like watches, calendars, radio, etc became near obsolete. The idea is to have multi-utility derived from a single product/service. More like a wholesome approach. 

So, when you have an in-built hassle-free feature like Airdrop, you need not invest in additional cables for file transfer at least. Notwithstanding your financial strength, the additional cable becomes messy unless required. Should you buy a 512GB laptop/device instead? Well, I would not recommend that unless you have a high technical/professional usage. I prefer hands-free and travel light. The whole idea of Bluetooth was to reduce the cables. So, when you have the feature, avail it.

If you need more tricks or tips, do let me know in the comment box below. Alternatively, you can email at hautekutir@gmail.com

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