Tried MyGlamm Face Chisel It Makeup Palette and My Review

 MyGlamm Chisel It Palette

Makeup Palettes are one of the fast-moving products simply because of the concept of having boxed multiple products into one and the ease of caring and usage. I am a big fan of makeup palettes and I always prefer them over individual units. Carrying makeup palettes especially the compact ones it's quite easy for daily and for travel purposes. The best part is you don't have to search for different products in your bag while doing the makeup. So every time I see or find an interesting makeup palette over individual units, my preference is to select the makeup palette first. 

And that is the reason why I paint picked this yet another but very interesting contouring palate called chisel it from one of my favorite brands my Glam. The reason I like this brand a lot is the versatility of the products Plus where importantly that their products are all cruelty-free. When I say cruelty-free I am all in the products is not tested on animals. As a person, I am strictly against animal testing and animal quality in any kind of form. A lot of time I am more inclined to buy vegan products than any other brand which might use any product that might be produced following animal cruelty and having animal ingredients in it. 

Given the evolution and product development, I think animal testing is totally a redundant idea and should be banned totally.

Trial Tuesday with Ekta

If you're following me on YouTube you would have seen my section called Chal Tuesday/Thursday wearing where are you wherein I always try and feature an interesting make a product, especially in the make-up category. I have received a lot of love from you for the same.

This week I have tried a very interesting contouring palate from my gloves my blog my Glam. The palate is called "chisel it" and it has three products namely a blusher, highlighter, and bronzer. This small kit comes with a Nice and sturdy mirror. 

There are two shades for this palette and I have picked the shade called poker face

As per the child Tuesday/trial Thursday ritual this time I have tried this product palette on the camera and demonstrated a quick look using the same. For ease of understanding, I have filmed a video wherein I have mentioned few important details about the product, it's packaging, Pricing, Utility, and more. I have also tried this palette on the camera.  I'm done with quick contouring using the products from this palette. In another section, I have spoken about multiple usages of this palette with regard to whether this palette can be also used for quick-eye
 makeup or not. I would really request you want to check out this video to have a better understanding. You can watch this video below or on my YouTube channel.

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What I liked about this palette

1) the form factor wherein I get three products boxed into one. All the three products are quite complementing and supplementing in nature
2) cruelty-free Beauty of course
3) the palate comes with a good study mirror
4) color payoff is quite nice
5) The highlighter is outstanding
6) All the ingredients and other important information like expiry date et cetera are clearly given/Written on the box itself.
7) Travel-friendly

What I think would have been better

1) Inclusion of a makeup brush or a basic puff applicator.
2) More affordable pricing
3) An option for a cream base formula for those who are interested.

This palette retails at rupees 1250. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: Like I said I like the concept, and even the product. The product is jolly good and well pigmented and can be easily used for regular make-up. The product will definitely is medium and that is a good part especially when you want to avoid an overdone blusher. This palette is quite suitable for medium to fair skin tone. So if the cost is not a concern and the colors or something you find will suit your skin tone, then go for it. 

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I hope that you will find this review helpful and useful. In case of any questions comments or queries, do email me alright in the comment box below. 

Stay Haute, Buy Smart
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