My Amazon Beauty Haul Video

 Amazon Beauty Haul

It is festival time! With so many big occasions like Navratri, Diwali, Id, and others coming up, it is that time of the year when we all love to deck up and look/feel good. 

Due to the pandemic, it has become very difficult for us to venture out and shop. And I think it is better not to venture out especially in the crowded market as you can get all the items at the comfort of your doorstep. While I understand is difficult to order make-up and beauty products online, and that is the reason why I have compost this Block and a video to share and suggest all the different beauty make-up, Skincare, Jewellery, and other items that I have purchased online. 

Online shopping is quite common and one of my favorite websites from where I do a maximum of my shopping is Amazon.

Generally available household items and fewer make-up products but this time I thought of giving a good try and bought some make-up items including foundation, eyeshadow palette, and even some chunky jewelry.

 I just cannot wait to show you all. I have already compiled the entire shopping Haul in a YouTube video and shared it with you all. In case, if you have missed this video are you have not subscribed to me on YouTube yet. I am sharing this info here so that it can reach out to all of you. 

The Haul Video

While there are so many other beauty/makeup haul videos on YouTube, you may ask what is so special about this video. According to me, the USP of this video is that all the products use in this video are from a mixed bag of brands. When I see a mixed bag of brands, what I mean is that's some brands are well known and some brands might be lesser-known but some of the products are making quite some waves in the beauty market and among the viewers and users. For example, I have tried a foundation from my brand-new brand call inside cosmetics. And assured that I have chosen is pure bases the online graphic representation. Now that is quite a leap of faith but given the low value let me say affordable pricing, it seems to be a decent risk. 

Watch the entire haul in the video below or check it directly on my YouTube page. The link is- Amazon Beauty Haul

All the product links are given in the video itself. Do check out the description column in my video. [YouTube]. You will find all the details including the price in this video itself. 

Hope that you will find this video useful and helpful. From the different products purchased, especially the make-up and skincare if you want a review on any of the particular products or if you want me to create any kind of looks using any of these products together or standalone, do let me know. I would really love to hear from you as you know your feedback is of utmost importance to me. 

I hope that you liked this post and if have any questions about the product, do let me know. 

I'll be coming with more videos on my YouTube as well as the reels on my Instagram. So do stay tuned to my channel and if possible subscribe/follow me on these platforms.

 Disclaimer: most of the products on my video and blog are cruelty-free and my review and opinion are mostly personal, Based on my experience. If you like to buy different make-up and skincare products including shampoo and conditioners, I would really request you with folded hands to purchase only the cruelty-free Products and brands. 

Stay Haute, Stay Cool, and Shop Consciously

Haute Kutir


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