NOTD: Maybelline Color Show - Red Carpet

I am not a regular nail paint wearer and my last obsession with nail paints ended a decade back. Given the busy schedules and my unfriendly nail ways, I have stayed away from nail paints for a long time. Until recently, when Maybelline decided to color my nail world with the launch of their new range "Color show". It made all the difference :)

I normally stick to my "french manicure" and nude, natural shades. Off late, I am being obsessed with the Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania. The range has around 8 shades of glitter adorn colors with sand like texture and some plain glossy finish in the rand of INR Rs 125 each.

I got married recently and these colors came in handy while planning my bridal attire and other wedding functions. The color looked really cool with my pink outfit.

I have three shades of them and here I shall be showcasing one of my favorite and oft wear shade here- Red Carpet. Surprisingly, it dries pretty fast and is quite chip free. Whoa, what more can I want? Umm more colors maybe? more colors Maybelline.

Here are some clicks with my nails on "red Carpet" from the Glitter mania-

One coat gives a good finish.

Here's what I liked about them-
1) Easy to apply and dry
2) super finish
3) Easy to remove- leaves no stains
4) Economical
5) Handy and well packed

Go ahead and say yes to Maybelline and Color your world, oops "Color Show" your world!


  1. This is the only shade which I haven't tried from their glitter mania collection !! Somehow I dont like the red glitter nails :|

    1. must try it for a festive occasion. I tried during my wedding function(s). It may irritate a bit in beginning but it settles soon :)

  2. I love nail paint. Will buy some sparkly one now. Adding bling to my collection.

    1. Go Ahead Saru. They are Fab. Try something festive this year if you already had not yet :)


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