Nude Magic By L'Oreal Paris

"Nude" is the new garb of make up that is gaining popularity globally. It is like look beautiful without being look "made-up". Aha! Now that is a very interesting proposition for someone like me who loves minimal make up especially "Nude shades" since time incognito.

So if nude is new rage, then how come cosmetic giant L'Oreal Paris can remain untouched by this magic of nude? Well they are not.

L'Oréal Paris unveils the most magical launch of 2014Introducing L'Oréal Paris Nude Magic
A liquid powder foundation for flawless skin

L'Oréal Paris, pioneer is cosmetic worldwide, brings the new "nude" trend to India with a product that gives your skin the perfect nude glamorous finish. L'Oréal Paris launches Nude Magic, a gorgeous light-weight daily use foundation in 6 shades that contains an innovative formula with light oils for perfect coverage and a velvety touch. It gives you that impeccable and radiant look you have always desired

"Nude Magic" is a magical invention from L'Oréal Paris laboratories, and boasts of-
  • An airy, lighter-than-water formula that spreads 2X more than regular foundations giving your skin room to breathe and yet giving it a flawless finish
  • Zero imperfection
  • Zero Make up Feel
  • Absolutely even, perfectly Radiant Skin.
This means- no flaky skin, no overdone foundation and a gorgeous glowing looks!

Here's a dekko at the 6 introductory shades of the same-

Are you thinking what am I thinking? Well I too was busy browsing, picking up a shade that may suit my skin/ complexion type.  Currently I am using "Magic Souffle Honey Beige" By Lakme and find it decent. If I have to try "Nude Magic from L'Oreal, I guess, I will be fix between "Nude Beige" and "Sun Beige".

What shade is yours?

So got your shade? Here's how to use "Nude Magic"-

  1. Shake the bottle a little before applying
  2. Pour the right amount on your finger tips
  3. Apply Directly with Finger pad, all over your face. tap and gently spread.
You are done! Enter the world of make up without being made up.

If you think "You are worth it", do let us know here with your experience and the shade that suit your skin. Till then, keep reading Haute Kutir.


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