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India is the 4th largest smartphone market [Source GSMA, ET] So much that large players like RPG, Spice and others are placing high bets on this industry and taking the business a leap ahead with opening of new "exclusive stores" and "Smartphone SPAs". In short, it is just raining smartphones, cats and dogs.

So when the market is flooded with smartphones raining left, right and center, it leaves individuals off course spoiled for choices but then confused with selection. Often a peer promotion comes handy. Otherwise we just end up buying expensive phones in name of big ads and big brands and celebrities promoting the brands that they may actually never buy a phone from.

I am such a "once bitten twice shy" user as well. Hence, using this blog as medium to communicate and share my own experiences and understandings of various so called smartphones. Ahem, I am not a tech blogger per se and you must be wondering why you should be listening to me? Well, let me share few competencies that I may offer-

1) I am an avid cellphone user, using multiple devices incl CDMA since the inception of Telecom in India
2) I am a Telecom Professional [primarily a marketer] with 10+ years experience of working in telecom and ICT domain across India including Rural India.
3) A Telecom marketer who has facilitated launch of some ambitious phones in India and supported Retail operations
4) A blogger who uses Social media extensively 
5) Off course a smartphone user and an early adopter with insights on apps used in rural transformation as well Urban consumption.
6) I do not do "paid reviews" and my opinions are solely unbiased and not too laden with Technical Specs that are easily available on world wide web. The reviews would be strictly based on personal user based experience.
7) I [claim to] understand multiple consumers and their needs.

Well that were 7 commandments oops contentment of Smartphone reviews with Haute Kutir. If you are still not convinced, no problem mate, do drop in the name of your favorite site for such reviews and happy surfing. Probably you would have closed this page by now. If you continue to read this, then stay tuned to this space for some straight on your face and "not so technical" smartphone/ devices reviews from Haute Kutir. 

After all, Lets Keep it Simple and Sweet.

Upcoming: Review of Lenovo VibeZ, a path breaking Smartphone from Lenovo









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