Phone Review- Lenovo Vibe Z - The True Smartphone

You must be wondering that when the whole world is busy talking about the upcoming launch of new iPhone 6, why am I talking about a smartphone from Lenovo? Lenovo, a name that you, you my dear, consumer associate primarily with laptops and computers.

Well, Lenovo is not just a name associated with computers. The brand is making a huge foray in world of smartphones and it is just not mere a foray but indeed a good effort of bringing devices/ smartphones that are designed keeping the ever growing intellect and requirements of a smartphone user.

Lenovo Vibe-Z:- A New Way of Looking at the Smartphones all together
Lenovo has launched a stylish and a sleek smartphone- VibeZ. It is one of their new addition to the premium Lenovo Vibe series of smartphones.

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Vibe Z is an ideal combination of striking looks, exquisite design, captivating performance and cutting edge technology to help users "Do more" in lesser time, with lesser key inputs and efforts.

Yes, I mentioned- Lesser Key inputs and efforts. 

While a lot of company and brands are focussing off late on form factor as very important feature for buying a phone, I firmly believe in the actual "User Interface" while looking for a smartphone. In my humble Opinion, the external look can be manipulated with different designer covers, blings and other accessories. It is the user Interface that not just provide the "ease of usage" but also a better "quality on time and experience" with the so called generation of smartphone. And Lenovo VibeZ is one phone that actually scores very high in that arena. Before we embark on the highlights of this device and things that I liked about Lenovo Vibe Z, Let us have a [customary] look at the wide specifications of this device, with my remarks-

  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor [HK Remarks: It indeed is quick, fast and does not let you down even if you are using multiple apps together]
  • Weight- 147Gm with 5.5 inch display and thickness of 7.9mm [HK Remarks- It is ultra light given the wide display, indeed spoil you for choices]
  • Running on Android Jelly Bean 4.3 Operating system [ HK: It does not hangs and as I said, quick and sharp]
  • "SNAPit" 13MP Camera with BSI Sensor and Dual Flash LED [ HK: it captures incredible images with multiple shooting effects/modes and photo filters. One of the best MSartphone Camera that i ever came across with, incl iPhone. It has the largest Aperture lens available on a smartphone. An excellent and enhanced exposure to low light/ un optimal imagery]
  • "SEEit Gallery"- An Intuitive interface helps you edit the images further and create significant effects. [HK: If you are a blogger or photo enthusiast, you will love this feature]
  • "SHAREit Apps that let you share pictures, HD Videos and your favorite apps using world's fastest "peer to peer" transmission tool.
  • "SYNCit" feature for permanent backup of all your data [ it is another innovative platform on this wonderful device that helps you avert data/file loss even though your handset is lost or replaced]
  • "SECUREit" app to keep all your apps protected and speed up the performance [Need I say more]
Well that was the list of top features of the phone with inputs from my personal experience. And let me tell you that this experience was not based on usage of day or two, or week or YouTube video but I have used this phone for extensively 3 months. So much that I refuse to carry my other phone, DSLR and other "image editing" apps around. Well, that is the intensity of review that this phone has gone through and intensity of objective that Lenovo has with their smartphones range.

This phone took me for storm, so much that I did not care to open my iPhone 5 during this phase and given that to my husband to use. I was just too content with my Lenovo Vibe Z. Hmm I look like a teenage smitten by love with a rock artist or shall I say Ashton Kutcher? Haha.

Here are the things that I liked about this phone apart from the features that I commented above-

1) The Design and Form Factor- The sleek and the stylish sharp edges and metallic body design took my heart away. I was bored with white frames and believe their fad has faded away.

2) The wide screen and captive touch button on the Bezel rather the screen. Some people may find it little too big handset to fit their lady palms but after initial week awkwardness, I was so settled in and it, in my hands and pockets. 

3) The User Friendly Interface- Whether it is notification tab or the menu on the top screen or using the one dialer cum text cum edit feature, I found this device very high in user interface.

4) The printscreen option is too handy and barely available in other phones

5) Phone Performance and 2 GB RAM, the phone as Indian actor Anil Kapoor would say- Maska hai Maska! ;)

6) Easy Navigation to multiple menus and features of the phones incl smart call, smart dialer etc

7) Pre installed Multi themes in the phone

8) The camera quality, resolution and in built editing/effect utilities. Check out the "Beautify" feature. 
9) Gesture Control
10) 5 MP front camera makes for an ultimate Selfie Snapper on the go.

The phone has a wide array of features- in built and supporting. The list is exhaustive. 

Here's few things that I think needs improvement-

1) No slot for external memory. It can be deal breaker for few.
2) Sunlight Screen- It was difficult to read through this phone [even though with full Brightest setting] under the sun in city like Mumbai. 
3) Higher in built memory- In absence of slot/ provision of external memory card, the phone should have a high in built memory. The specs says that it has 16GB of in built memory but post the pre-installed apps, barely around 12GB memory is available. While this may be sufficient for some of us unless we want to download games like Asphalt 5, FIFA 14 and that too in HD.
4) Service might be an issue. I tried to get in touch with product managers but they were conspicuous by their absence.

Price point- Rs 32,000 MOP
Availability- The phone is available across the country through Lenovo Exclusive Stores, Leading multi brands outlets and their online store [check for stock availability and billing there. It could give you quite a tough time with stock and product support]

Packaging- I loved the sleek black and red box that this handset came in. Ya ya, who keeps the box of a phone once the product is out in hands but a good packaging not just protect the phone during pre sales storage but also elongate the delight while buying. The phone comes with Charger [USB and Plug], earphones [not available for Lenovo tab even the high ended] and a pin to open the SIM Slot [Macro SIM required] and a small manual.

My overall Rating: 4/5 [ I have taken off 1 point for the factors that I did not like]

Haute Kutir Vedict- Lenovo Vibe Z is anyday better than any of the Samsung phone incl S5. The battery life is decent and the phone gets charge easier than the tabs that Lenovo offers. The phone is definitely worth buying. I strongly recommend this phone. The price might be barrier for some but the features and overall experience makes the price worth it. 

I think you should keep "Fruits" are for eating and Samsung is a fab brand for white goods. Lenovo being the world's renowned brand in computing and technology, makes their efforts well with the new Lenovo VibeZ. If you want to do more with your smartphone than just making receiving calls, go for Lenovo.

Will I use this phone again? yes off course, I would love to.

So if you are planning to buy a new phone or change your smartphone, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a Lenovo Vibe Z. It is an actual smartphone in the sea of so called smartphones. And it is for people- Those who Do!










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