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Shopping haul with

I always ache to shop. But Naturally! Such is the beauty of online shopping that you can shop anytime, anywhere.

Often my partner in crime is Yes, I find shopping with super easy, convenient and interesting. It is one of the most sort out portal online. No wonder 90% of my online shopping is through Flipkart.

Here's what I bought on a haul recently. Cloths, cosmetics and more.

What I bought-

1) Visudh Kurta in Blue
2) Amari Printed Trousers
3) Lakme Absolute Matte Mousse
4) Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

While the Kurta and trousers [not paired indeed] were an impulse buy, the kajal and mousse was well thought upon. I am glad that I made those investment. I may not use them often but whenever I do, I feel good and satisfied. Well review will follow soon. Till then, keep hooked to


  1. I really like Flipkart. Quick delivery!

    1. True. However off late there is some issues. My last couple of orders took a lot more time than ever. Otherwise it is quick.


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