Makeup- The Art of Contouring & Highlighting with #LakmeSchoolOfStyle

Art of Make up

There is a thin line between a good make and a bad make up. That thin line is called- Art of Makeup.
Yes, no matter how expensive or well-known brand you may use. You need to choose and use wisely, to suit your skin tone and do justice to your face contour. Make-up in such a way that you look beautiful and not made up. Like Calvin Klein once quoted-
The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.

And that my dear friend, is known as the- Art Of Make up

Essentially it means-
1)     Using right products i.e. from kind of make up products, shades to suit your skin type and tone. Also, the right applicator
2)     Using the product and applicator i..e Brush, eyelash curler etc in right manner, according to your face Contour.

In this post, let look at the second option wherein how with simple make up products, we can contour the minuses on our face and how to highlight our facial features. We call it- Contouring and Highlighting.

Contouring and Highlighting
Every individual face its own symmetric. Some have an oval face, some has long, while some has round and some, square cut. Given your face contour and skin condition like some has a tan, some has dark circle issue, you can use makeup accordingly.

Contouring is creating shadows or adding a depth to an area and Highlighting is making facial features look prominent, like cheekbones etc. The latter is often done by using a lighter shade.
While we may not able to cover different face cuts in this post, we can indeed look for some common and useful tips to understand the basic principle of “Contouring and highlighting”, including how to learn the same using some easily available yet highly popular brand. What better than to learn it from master AKA Lakme School of Style.

Here’s sharing a simple and very do-able video tutorial from #LakmeSchoolOfStyle featuring Sahiba Anand, who will take you through the art of “contouring and highlighting” in most comprehensive manner. Here’s a dekko-

I hope seeing this video, you would know simple and easy technics to highlight and contour your face including-
1)     How can you make your nose look more tall and prominent in a single stroke of brush.
2)     Simple, horizontal strokes to highlight your lower chin area
3)     Contour using a mineralized powder or a bronzer, two shades darker than your skin tone
4)     Different brush kinds for contouring and highlighting
5)     The Art of “Blending”
6)     How to contour cheek bones making a fish face.
7)     Not using foundation 2-3 shades lighter than your face tone as it may go contrast with your contouring
8)     Flat brush for highlighting and puffy brush for contouring and blending
9)     While contouring, use brush in circular motion than straight strokes.
10)  Blend using a bronzer, from start of top hairline towards the temple and below [cheekbones], in circular motion

Well, that’s how beauty sizzles. Hoping that this post was indeed useful, Here’s signing of.
Haute Kutir

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