Beauty Review: Quench your Skin with Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing Milk

It is summer time and along with my wardrobe, my beauty dresser is getting a makeover oops let me rather say- customization. Off late, I am swatch-ing lot of products, wearing quite some make up frequently and besides, needs to bring forth more suitable products to cater my skin regime. Hey, you would see lots of review following soon.

So to combat such makeup overload and meantime ensure that my skin is tended well, I was on a look out for an another good cleansing milk [ I was using TheNaturesCo currently] and came across Vedic Line Lychee Shake Cleansing milk.

Ummm now Lychee is one of my all-time favorite fruit and having a cleansing milk that is touted as lychee shake, got my curiosity bundling. I could not resist trying this lovely, simple stuff out. And must say, I really liked what I got. While the review follows, here's for the uninitiated-

Quench your skins with Lychee Shake

My experience: The product name got me all curious and given the fact that I do not recall trying Vedic Line's products earlier, I wasn't still any apprehensive. The cleansing milk came in an aptly designed, transparent round bottle. I kind of liked the simple "packaging" and opened the lid to pour in some "lychee shake " on my skin.

One word- It is worth it! The lychee shake cleansing milk is quite soft [you can use as a leave-in skin moisturizer as well], mild, thick and adequate. It has a very mild and pleasant built-in fragrance and spreads well on the skin. A small quantity [ a 5 paise squeeze] is good enough to cleanse your entire face, 

How to use: Post cleaning your face with water or other facewash or neither, dab a little cleansing milk on a clean cotton pad [not bud] and wipe your face using the same in even and if possible, upward circular motion. If require, repeat the act. Use another cotton to wipe the skin across your neck and neckline.

1) Simple, Gentle and Mild
2) Soft and supple
3) Suited my sensitive skin
4) Cleans well
5) Leaves a moisturized feeling
6) Packed well- Sturdy bottle, easy to pour
7) Thick enough to not run through your face, neither stick at one spot
8) Mildly and pleasantly fragrance

Did not find any as such.

Kindly note that my skin type is combination and this cream may have different experience with oily/ pigmented skin. However, in my opinion, it will suit dry skin as well. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: I have been using this since January and loved it from the word Go. The Vedic Line Cleansing Milk is working fine with me especially while removing eye make up as well. It is soft and gentle, so much that I double it up as a hand moisturizer before hitting the bed. 

Do I recommend? yes
Will I buy it again? Yes.

Haute Kutir rating: 4.75/5

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