#CCDSummerSlam with Cafe Coffee Day

Man! It is getting hotter by the day. Oops the city saw a sudden rise in temperature, and when the throats were getting dried up with thirst and beautiful faces turning lackadaisical, Cafe Coffee Day decided to change the game and how...

Well Read more to know more and yes, do not forget chanting- #CCDSummerSlam

Last Saturday, when the hem line were getting shorter and brow line turning squinted, CCD in their flavorful attempt, tried to beat the heat and quench the soaring temperature with launch of their new range of- #Smoothies and #Slushes

Summer Slam with CCD
I was invited by CCD to taste their all new, awesome range of flavors at their Bandra Outlet. It was a colorful meet, inundated with tastings, games, product session with Cafe Coffee Day's Shabri Prabhakar [and her lovely team incl PR], some more tastings and Photo ops with cool summer prompts and people. 

As we entered the venue, we were promptly greeted by the lovely team and given a different band each. I got myself a - Rajasthan Pink Lemonade. The session began with some fun interactions on how we bloggers like Bhakti for Fashion and yours truly, being a lifestyle blogger, deal with summers, tips etc in our publications. I spoke about my love to soak myself in Jacuzzi and watch TV while holidaying at a peaceful spot. I could not deny about having the variety of summer refreshing beverages to quench the heat with.

Blind Tasting with #CCDSummerSlam
We began with "guess the flavor" session wherein three of us, in set of two were called upon and were blindfolded. We were then given the respective newly launched flavors to taste and guess the ingredients. I tasted Pink Lemonade and it was slurrp yumm, heavenly

The same session was repeated for smoothies. Now before we march ahead here's a little thing about "Summer Slam"

Summer Slam is the line of ultimate refreshing new drinks- Rich smoothies and cool Slushes especially for Cafe Coffee Day. The beverages were deliciously cold, refreshing and bursting with flavors. The Smoothies are in range of creamy concoction with bite size pieces of key ingredients immersed,  bringing out the slurp effect.  The range consisted of-  Rasmalai Smoothie, Strawberry Pomegranate smoothie and Mango peach Smoothie. 

Whereas Slushes came in range of Strawberry Blast Slush, Tropical Spice and must to taste- Pink lemonade slush which was loaded with sweet and tangy pink grapefruit

My personal favorites from both the ranges were- Rasmalai and Pink Lemonade. Or wait was it Strawberry pomegranate smoothie and  Strawberry slush? Well I am spoiled for taste. How about you? :)

The session was then followed with further tasting where different flavors were being sampled to bloggers. There was a quick "tug of ball", well you read it right, session wherein few bloggers were called in and were divided in team of two. They were asked to hit their flavors with a soft ball and the highest scoring team won a beautiful coffee mug each. Ah I so much loved that mug and wished I had one too. CCD are you listening? ;)

We wrapped up the session with quick bites and a nice looking sipper. Overall, it was quite an interesting meet, filled with fun, food, aromas, chit chat, awesome flavors and Cafe Coffee Day;s hospitality. 

Now I know where to hit the "entry" buttons when I want to settle down for a good glass of Summer Beverages. Good part is, Cafe Coffee Day is spread across the length and breadth of city, including one below my office too.

Here's few Glimpses from the event, while I sign off.

See you around another part of this blog. Till then, Keep loving Haute Kutir
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  1. Now that is really cool (pun intended) :) the flavors look refreshing and your pictures are awesome :) Am sure it was an interesting day, CCD bandstand used to be my regular hangout when in India :) miss it :(

    1. Aww Thank you Shweta! Come to Mumbai soon...we shall hangout at CCD

  2. Events like these are so much of fun. I wish Kolkata had such as those.
    You look so pretty in the lace top!

    1. Thanks Nivedita :)
      I am sure Kolkata will host some good events soon. BY the way, when ae you shifting to Mumbai? Look forward to see you here.

  3. Nice pictures are awesome :) .......


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