#BestEver Pantene Bloggers Meet With Anushka Sharma, Sibhani Dandekar and Bianca Hartkopf

Pantene has become a name synonymous with Haircare in India. They have an array of products in shampoo and conditioner category. Being popular does not stop Pantene from evolving constantly and coming up with innovative products.

Pantene has unveiled The new Best ever Pantene range that is equipped with revolutionary Pro-V formula technology which claims to restore hair strength and shine from within. unlike other products that address only the outer 5% of the hair fiber, new Pantene Pro-V with "Keratin damage blockers and histidine", goes deep inside the hair shaft- to the cellular level - to work on the remaining 95% where damaging impurities exists. We all know that as impu\rities build up over time, hair starts to weaken. Hair feels rough and becomes less manageable, and visibly loses its depth of color. Histidine is being added across Pantene’s new Pro-V formulas. When used in conjunction with Pantene’s shampoos, which feature EDDS Keratin Damage-Blocking technology, the system works in different parts of the hair shaft to prevent and repair damage on the surface and at the core of hair. Pantene pushes to innovate their formulations because Pantene knows that when your hair is strong on the inside a more beautiful you shines through. [Source Pantene]

Bloggers Meet with New Brand Ambassadors
Recently Pantene called the bloggers across Mumbai to talk more about the new Best Ever Pantene in a good company of celebrity hairstylist Bianca Hartkopf, VJ Shibani Dandekar, TV Actress Krystle D Souza and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who as you all know is the new brand ambassador of Pantene. 

The invite
Pantene's invite came in a cute yellow balloon and, a bottle of their new Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. Here's a dekko-

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My association with Pantene goes back to days when I was in school and Pantene was not launched in India. My family in the USA brought a big, lovely bottle of my first ever Pantene shampoo and conditioner. Call it my hair quality or Pantene magic, every time I shampooed them, they looked silky, bouncy and soft. Somehow that magic lost given the stress, change in water, and other factors today. Still, I continued to be a regular Pantene user. 

Needless to say, I washed my hair using Pantene, hoping that it will once again help me in controlling my hair fall.

After a staggering wait of 1.5 hours, Bianca started the session with further details on the new Pantene, explaining the theory behind the new innovation. She roped in Shibani and Krystle on stage, who talked about the difference that the new Pantene brought to their own stressed, over-heated hair and how they consider it as #best ever Pantene. 

Stress Test
Proof of a pudding is in eating. So Bianca took both the ladies to the "torture" kiosk wherein they underwent two pressure test consisting of-

1) Rigorous hair Brushing
2) Blow drying

The test demonstrated Pantene's claim for Zero Hair fall. The videos are at the new Haute Kutir YouTube Channel. You can check the one with Shibani here. 

Here's some glimpse from the event-

Bianca took questions from bloggers across hair care, shampoo age and much more. the two ladies heartily participated and remained sports throughout the Q&A session. 


Here's Anushka, looking dainty and sweet in her off white dress, answering questions on her association with Pantene to hair care woes and more. Know what Anushka do on a bad hair day? Well according to her, she simply tie up her hair in a neat pony to combat bad hair day.

I have taken more videos but given the large size and intermiddent speed of my Internet, I shall post them later. uploaded a stress test on YouTube HauteKutir Channel. Do check it out.

Here's me, posing at Pantene Booth. Know what I belief that a girl should do on a bad hair day? Well, check out my picture below and you will know ;)
What I wore-
Blazer from Arrow
Jeans: levis
Top: H&M
Shoes: Adidas Supernova
Accessories from Tanishq

And if you think that my outfit looked coordinated with Bianca, well it was sheer coincidence. :)

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