Alle Belle - A Sweet Recipe by Chef Sandeep Pande, Renaissance Mumbai

दिन है सुहाना , आज पहली तारीख है,
खुश है ज़माना आज पहली तारीख है 

Remember this jingle that emancipates joys of million households in India on the first day of every month, enticing people to celebrate their payday, the sweetness of salary coming home with something sweet to eat. To commemorate this joy and make it even more memorable for those millions of households and more, Popular Chef- Sandeep Pande had shared a recipe of a modern dessert fo all the beautiful readers of Haute Kutir.

Chef Pande, a popular name associated with one of the hottest property in Mumbai and world, Rennaissance, presents to you- Alle Belle.


What: Alle Belle
By: Chef Sandeep Pande

For: Everybody who has a flair for good taste, creating new taste buds and love to experiment dishes straight from the master's kitchen.


For the Pancake:

 250 gms. Maida
 2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
 Salt to taste
 Water as required for the batter
 a few drops of vanilla extract (optional )
 Oil/Ghee/Butter for coating the pan for each pancake


 In a sufficiently large bowl, sift the maida along with salt.

 Add the beaten eggs & water to prepare a sufficiently thin batter. The batter should be of dropping
consistency like dosa batter which can spread easily.

 You may even use a smaller or even a larger pan; depending on the size of the pancake you would like to prepare.

 Heat a med. size frying pan till hot & add/brush just enough oil to coat the pan. Do not add too much oil.

 Pour a ladle of the batter & immediately roll the pan along with the batter.

 Make sure it coats the pan evenly & sufficiently thick.

 If the coat is too thin then the pancake will break. The batter should hold well.

 Cook only on one side for about a minute or try & lift with a spatula. If it tends to lift easily then it is done.

 Overturn the pan to flip the pancake onto the plate.

 Prepare all the pancakes with the batter in this way.

For the Filling:

 1 big fresh Coconut (grated )

 75g Palm Jaggery, coarsely grated

 4 pods Green Cardamom (powdered)

 1 tablespoon Ghee

 Raisins & cashew nuts

Procedure for the filling:

 Heat ghee in a pan, fry raisins & cashew nuts till golden brown.  Keep aside.

 Add grated coconut to the same pan, mix for a while.

 Add grated Jaggery, green cardamom and give it a good stir.

 Add fried cashew nuts & raisins .Mix well.

 Keep aside to fill pancakes.

 Fill the stuffing in the pancake & make small pouches.

 Serve Hot.

Here's how the lovely Alle Belle would look like-

Now, this looks so tempting that I am definitely going to try it. I am sure, you too would love to. Just in case, if you are not much in cooking, am sure that you know where to head to have some amazing Alle Belle in Mumbai? Did I also mention, beautiful lakeside ambiance?

So that was Alle Belle for you, exclusive posted on Haute Kutir Blog by Mumbai's one of the finest Chef. Do let us know if you have a question.

You can also find Chef Pande on Twitter @pandesandeep


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