I am an Instagram Bunny!

I have a little account,
I would like you to log in there
and check it out

I post on fashion,
beauty and lifestyle
Also, about the food, I ate,
and journals from my travel file

I read I travel, I blog
I shop, I style, I hog.
Review, preview, and share,
and give you a daily insight
of my blog and life
contests, check-ins and more
Tee hee I strive to give visual delight.

You may like me on Instagram,
check it out, I invite

It is not my self-promotion,
maybe a self-shout-out
but an attempt to showcase
the pictures that I click
and things that I do,
brands that I pick
and random musings.

For there is more to our creative talents
then what we just write

Instagram is one place to be
social sharing
Quick, Creative and Converging.

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pic source: Magpie tales

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