Five Tips to Keep Baby's Skin Soft & Pampered

"A Child has a special way, of adding joy to everyday"
Children are the gift of God. They are miniature angels, the bundle of joys that are sent on earth to remind us of playfulness, joy, and innocence. I am so much besotted with children, their soft demeanor, their sweet smiles, innocence, little hands and legs, joyfulness and their soft skin as well. I feel like being the Knight rider and guard their lovely, soft, baby skin, from the harshness of weather, age and anything that could harm them. 

Babies are naturally blessed with soft skin but if not taken good care of, their skin can lose its primitive softness and in turn, can make babies go cranky too.
So here's sharing Top 5 tips that will be handy and useful to keep baby's skin soft and delicate as they are born with.
Tips to keep Baby's Skin Soft
  1. Essential Cleansing- Kids are clumsy we all know. Their tiny hands are too small to hold a hanky but they want to hold the milk bottle, water glass and what not. In the bargain, they often end up spilling milk or cereal on their bodies, if not wiped properly may cause a rash. Always ensure to clean and remove their bibs and change their clothes if required. Even if they have not spilled anything, ensure that you change their clothes twice a day at least.
  2. Essential Clothing- We know you love to dress your kid in that beautiful Lord Krishna's costume or that pink gown from princess and its fairytale gang. But mind you, your children are not dolls though they may look like one. Often such dresses are not made of soft cloth and can harm the maha mild skin of your babies. Ensure that you buy them smooth cotton dresses or any other material that is conducive to season and baby's skin.
  3. Essential Diapers- One of the major reason for skin rash in children is due to the long wear diapers or the excessive wetness. Be very careful with the kind of diaper you select for a baby. Go for premium brands like Pampers which has age-old experience in child diapers and still continue to innovate to suit a child' growing needs. My grandma would always use a cotton made nappy at home and advised to wipe/ sponge the baby skin with water and soft towel while at home, after doing the toilet. She would prefer to let it breathe some air sans diapers

  4. Essential Bathing- Bathing is not just about soaking the child in the bathtub with baby soap. A lot goes around it. It starts with giving a good "made for babies" oil massage few hours before bath and then bathing them with mild soap or cream in a tub of lukewarm water. 
  5. Essential Nutrition and Hydration- We all know how important is water for a human body. so it is a baby's body. Apart from water, milk and baby food too keeps a  baby supple and in check. Avoid feeding a stale milk to a child. You can throw the leftover milk or use it for your chai but never give a baby, a day's old milk as well. There is some reason that makes mother's milk vital for babies. Stale milk or leftover milk for more than 30 minutes build up gaseous content and cause stomach trouble in children, which in turn starts affecting their skin via producing rashes or so. It is better to avoid stale products for self and baby especially when you are feeding a baby.
Well, these were the top 5 Essential Tips to keep your Baby's skin soft. These are quite proven, age-old, tried and tested tips that have always worked. If you have some more, share with us.

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Pic source: Daily mall, Telegraph

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