Best 10 Exotic Beach Destinations You Should Visit

The word Holiday excites everybody. Holidays are meant to add spice to everyone’s life. Those are the fond memories that bring in happiness and the reason to break the monotony in this busy world. In fact, without these getaways, life will be too mechanical and boredom will set in. Family outings and friends getaways are like the cherry on top of the cake that adds the colour and makes your life to create some memorable moments.

Beaches have always been a highly preferred choice for the travellers. If they are exotic, they entice even more. Have you ever been to any exotic beaches? They are beautiful places to visit and build some lovely memories. There are a lot of exotic beaches, beautiful, picturesque and can make you fall for it over and over again. 

We know how much you love beaches. Check out best ten exotic beach destinations in the world you should visit.

The Cook Islands
The Cook Islands is probably one of the less visited islands of South Pacific as compared to its neighbouring Islands. These Islands are named after James Cook, who discovered them. It has a hot and humid temperature. There are not many amenities to enjoy a world class holiday at these Islands but, they are the best choice for an amazing holiday away from the bustle of life.

Big Island, Hawaii

It is the biggest Island in Hawaii, and the most important thing that attracts tourists to this is the Volcano National Park. One can explore the volcanoes and along with it, also explore how new lava oozes into the ocean and one can also climb on the old lava tubes. There is a big waterfall as well. The best time to visit here is between October-March. So, how about getting away from this fantabulous island in Hawaii this March? International airline tickets booking online at Yatra helps to get tickets cheaper. You can get all the latest offers, deals, and Yatra Coupons

Bali is an exotic and peaceful destination for the honeymoon as well as for a real fun! It is voted as one of the best Islands in the world each year and believe it or not, it is known to be cost effective as well. In spite of bomb attacks twice, this place is still the choice for an amazing tropical vacation. 

It is the tropical paradise and is known as one of the biggest honeymoon destinations in the world! Now, that says a lot about Tahiti and one can imagine how beautiful and romantic the place will be. Sunbath, scuba diving, and exotic seafood are some of the most unbeatable attractions of Tahiti. Though humid, it is cooler during the season.


Maldives is a chain of 1000 islands! Out of them, 200 are inhabited, and five have any considerable population. Many of the islands here were devastated and washed off during the 2004 Tsunami. Now precautions are taken, and safety walls have been built to prevent a future mishap. The place is a bit expensive, but it is worth. You can enjoy a sunny vacation here. Check out MakeMyTrip International Flights for fantastic deals on Maldives vacation packages. You can get all the latest coupons, deals, and offers at CouponRani.

Peter Islands, British Virgin Islands

It is located in one of the largest private islands in the Caribbean and comprises of five secluded beaches. You can stay at Peter Island Resort, which will make you feel right with their incredible hospitality with a spa treatment. The lush green garden is yet another highlight. You can also enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine and lip smacking desserts.

Costa Alegre, Mexico

It is nicknamed as the cheerful coast and is located above Cihuatlan and below Puerto Vallarta. It offers the most stunning beach view and the best seafood. The place throws a great ambience for a lovely vacation. Do try the mud bath here that can rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Shoal Bay East, Anguilla

It is one of the best sandy beaches in the world with pinkish coloured white sand and turquoise water. It is just a two-mile sandy beach, and you can enjoy a romantic walk. A lot of water sports are here for you to explore which include snorkelling, kayaking, diving and swimming. You will never feel coming back from here.

Try for reasonable accommodation along with the package. Check out the ones similar to Oyo Rooms in India that offers affordable hotels at the best price with all the basic amenities and free breakfast. 


Fiji is said to have 322 islands on the go, and less than one-third of it are inhabited. People refer this to heaven and one can imagine how peaceful and beautiful it must be to be called a paradise. It is again a great choice for honeymoon and also getaway with friends! The place gets cyclones sometimes, and the temperature remains normal throughout the year.

The Seychelles

It is again the place with the best beaches, perfect water, and lots of islands 115 to be specific. Though they are hugely priced, it is the most sought after beaches in the world due to the incomparable beauty and luxury it offers. Visit the place from May to September as it rains less then..

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