Children's Fashion Brand- The Children's Place now in Mumbai, India

Love dressing up your kids?

Love Dressing Children in the best of designs yet comfortable clothes?

Looking for clothes/ Shoes/ Accessories that not just define children's inner persona but also brings a smile on their face? 

Looking for a complete shopping destination for children?

Want nothing but the best when shopping for Children aged 0-14?

Find shopping for kids tedious in terms of matching shoes, accessories?

Well, we have an answer for all of your questions above. The answer is- The Children's Place.

We know how fashion conscious are the children these days. They want nothing but the best for them, best, latest and greatest. They have become undisputedly fashionable and demanding. They want same designs, cuts, and styles that we adults wear. In short, giving nightmares to adults when it comes to shopping for them.

"No cartoon prints, maasi. I ain't no kid. I am grown up and Pokemon is so kiddish" says my 8-year-old nephew who loves to collect bow ties. My niece had grown up from her Barbie, Hanna Montana days and loves to shop abroad. One of her favorite brands is- The Children Place, USA. She would often get their annual vacation at the US extended in anticipation of their new Summer Spring collection. Such is the craze "The Children Place" is with children abroad. 

The same craze comes to India, Mumbai. Yes, TCP- The Children's Place opens up shops in the city and we could not contain our excitement to visit them. My niece jumped with joy when I told her about the invite from TCP to preview their store. Notwithstanding our curiosity, we headed to the Infinity Mall, Malad store in Mumbai western suburbs. 

The TCP store in Malad is a One stop shopping destination for Head to toe Fashion accessories, apparel, and footwear for kids aged 0-14 years.

My little girl loved surfing the stuff inside. She loved the assorted designs of the denim and selected a skinny one for her and her BFF in a straight cut. She said her friend will love the pair and they will flaunt it together.

Now since we have bought the jeans, next in line was to shop for a suitable and chic top/ t-shirt to be paired with them. We went on checking through their vast range of floral, prints, patterns and graphics design. The sizing was quite standardized and finding a right fit for her and her BFF was no difficulty. The designs were vast yet appropriate for kids at that age. Her brief was clear- Fun, Fashion and stylish. Here's what we loved unanimously-

They say when you are in doubt, pick all that you liked. In that case, you need not have to deal with an ordeal of choosing one amongst many and can spare time for coffee. Well, that is the philosophy our new age kids endorses in the time of ever-changing fashion. Dare I beg to differ them :)

Besides, the colorful designs at TCP are quite irresistible and you may like to carry another shopping bag with you.

After shopping apparels, time to shop for accessories.



 and more...

Look at these cute and colorful socks-

You can either pick a la carte or mix-match and design an entire look for your child. Like this one that I picked for my niece and her BFF

Their collection for new-born babies is such a delight for new the mums. 

Haute Kutir Verdict: The kids today are quite demanding and conscious when it comes to fashion and styling. They know their bootlegs from their beachwear and their denim from their khaki. Girl or boy, they have their own sense of styling and fashion. You can dare to take them for granted. However, when you are selecting an outfit for a child, you have to be very careful as you do not want any unnecessary cut or inappropriate print to go inside their wardrobe. At the same time, you want fashion to be fun and comfortable. More importantly, cost-effective. 

When buying for kids, you need to be very careful to select clothes that may make them look pretty at the same time retain their innocence and, is pocket-friendly too. The pricing may not be very economical but it is also not at the extreme end. Besides, the store has come with some interesting introductory offers. 

If you are looking for Fashion that is "Approved by Mums and loved by kids", TCP is your best choice

About TCP:
For over 45 years, The Children’s Place has been making the cutest, softest, most playful clothing for babies, toddlers, boys and girls. From everyday basics to the newest must-have fashion looks, everything within the assortment is made to last and designed to keep up with kids’ busy, fun-filled lives. The brand has a strong, ever-expanding presence around the world, with more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada. Plus, the brand has over 100 stores across 16 other countries. The Children’s Place arrived on Indian shores in 2015.

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