Say Hi-5 to Alfresco Sunday Brunch by the Sea at The Resort, Mumbai

Life in Metro-Mumbai

Mumbai life is densely busy and tiring. In the daily scheme of things, we forget to appreciate nature and also, miss the quintessential good life. 

Sundays are a big breather but often pose us with the same question- where to go and what to do?
A lot of Mumbai crowd rush to Lonavala and Khandala for the weekend getaway, or even Goa, leading to even hectic schedule, travel and more. Come on you cannot rush to Goa for just a day or two. Maybe you need to rush in Goa at your city- Mumbai.

Bring Goa to Mumbai at The Resort
What are the key things that make for a trip to Goa?
Sun, Sand, Sea, Good Food, Good Music and great ambience.

What if you get all these in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, at minimal travelling and 1/5th of the cost? Well, The Resort Mumbai designs to make the best day of your week even better by introducing- Hi-5 themed Sunday Brunch by the Sea at their Madh-Marve Malad Property.

Hi-5 Brunch at The Resort
One of the best ways to spend your Sunday is here. Book for the Hi-5 Brunch and dine by the sea, overlooking a beautiful ambience with your friends, family and self. 

Good Locale | Games & Activities | Music | Scrumptious Brunch Buffet | Fine Wine

You can relax and unwind at this unmatched brunch vibe with a plethora of activities like board games, swimming, favorite music and off course great feast for eyes and appetite.

Want to know more? Read through my experience at Hi-5 

My Good Gourmet Experience at Hi-5 Sunday Brunch
I was always fascinated by the surround around The Resort and wanted to be there. When the hotel invited me for the Sunday Brunch, I accepted it expecting it to be another fine dine, close door kind of formal setting. I was slated to be surprised and surprised beautifully. 

#PicturePerfect Ambience
When I reached The Resort, it was more beautiful than I imagined. The best part was - the structure, well-manned surrounding and the open green spaces it has. I was heading towards it Restaurant when the staff called me and escorted me to a beautiful open garden. See this-

and more

This should give you a fair idea of what to expect when you are there

I totally loved the ambiance, it was #PicturePerfect, calming and had a very relaxing feel attached to it.

The Sparkling Liquids
After meeting the GM of The Resort who welcomed us, also explaining about the concept and more, we headed for a glass of drink. The drink counter had some cool wines to whiskey to mojito and more. I picked up some sparkling bubbly for me and my champagne breakfast.

You may like to watch this

The Gourmet Food
A brunch is all about the food and to make the gastronomic experience even better, The Resort had a Chef's special menu curated by Executive chef Pawan Kumar Lal. The menu had -

Soups & Salad
2 different types of soups- Cream of Princes [Veg] and Sea Food Chowder
Red Corn Salad, Caesar salad [it was awesome], Cheese & herbs potato Salad and more including an option to "make your own salad".

Here's what's on my plate-

The Caesar Salad Was mind blowing at Hi-5 Brunch

Main course
Non-vegetarians menu included- Basil Chicken, Assorted Chicken Kebab, Grilled Rosemary Chicken and Fish Punchphorni.

 If you are thinking that this Sea resort is all about seafood and non-veg fare, let me tell you that their vegetarian cuisine was delectable, large and scrumptious. It included- Veg Pastas, Thai Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Butter Rice, Bruschetta Cheese Slides and more. The star of the show was- Cheesy Broccoli that was cooked to perfection and the pasta that is better than a lot of hi-profile restaurants in Mumbai could offer. #MustTry

The Dessert menu was also well thought and well-designed with mouth-watering treats like- Apple struddle, assorted pastry and a swag of Chocolate & Walnut cake among other desserts and The Resort's own baked Corn Muffins, Lamb Quiche, Parsley bread and Danish Pastry. 

The champagne was on the house and rest of the drinks were on chargeable basis including the Kahlua.

The overall experience was splendid. If you are a swimming enthusiast, you can go swimming at their beautiful blue pool, overlooking the beach and clouds. It comes complimentary with the package. Isn't that lovely?

I was completely besotted by my experience there and suggested my husband for a staycation consideration. I loved the aura that charmed the place. The pictures will tell you more than the words. 

Haute Kutir Verdicts: The brunch was sponsored but my reviews are completely experience based and personal. You know that if you are a regular reader of Haute Kutir Blog. The overall experience was great and memorable. It surpassed my expectations and made a great option to spend my weekends at. Not just that, it serves perfectly if you want to host hi-society brunch or gatherings for your family and friends. The road to Marve is a pleasant drive with a bare minimum traffic on Sunday, especially after Malad Marve Mid Chowki Signal. 

The ambience is perfect, food is good, prices are highly competitive, value for money. The live music plays good Bollywood and English nos too. The experience goes beyond mere gastronomy and appetite. The Resort does a poetic justice to Hi-5 brunch

Value For Money? Yes

Value for Time? Yes

Lifestyle Quotient- 5/5

Will I go there again? Yes, love to,

Do I recommend? Yes 5/5

Overall Ranking- 5/5

So, what do you do on your Sundays? Do share your ideas of Sunday Brunch with us.

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