Eat Play Love with Maruti Suzuki Indo-Japanese Braking Point, Mumbai

Love is...
Good food and Great Music
.... and that long drive to sunset 

Last Saturday, there was some love in the air. I craved for some good music and a cuisine delight. Notwithstanding, my recent recuperation from fever and cold, I could not resist the temptation to break the city life monotony and indulge in some good food, great music and a little adventure.

My adventure took me to Eat, Play, Love AKA EPL 2016. It was a music and food festival spread over the weekend at the serene locales of Mahalakshmi Racecourse, Mumbai.

I had a loaded day but I decided to take a break and brake into something different, chaotic yet chilling, adventurous yet fun, Indian yet Exotic.

Hit the brakes to take a break
I reached the venue a little too early. It was a warm noon, my throat was quenching in thirst and I started looking for a place to sit. A cool, youthful looking cafe intrigued me and I stepped inside to check out the quirky decor. The cafe was designed in a cool, upmarket kind of garage, with tables resembling a neatly coloured automobile engine and chairs in form of wheel axis. 

I saw the name Maruti Suzuki and began to wonder if I have stepped at the right place. I was about to take a reverse gear and then I saw Chef Vicky Ratnani serving a neat platter. A senior staff from the place invited me to take a seat and experience the "Cafe Braking Point" with an exclusively curated Indo-Japanese cuisine.

Braking Point by Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki is a name that needs no introduction in India. Being a 80s kid, for me, the name is synonymous with automobiles in India. This Indo-Japanese automobile major celebrates a name that has kept India living its "wheeling" dream. 

Apparently, Maruti Suzuki never ceases to surprise and with this, first of its kind- Automobile Cafe, it has turned a new page in the chapter of lifestyle. If Maruti 800 was a breaking point in Indian Automobile Milestone, circa 2000 would not be different. 

The exteriors of the cafe look like metal containers that transport cars across the country. The interiors are built with vintage Maruti Suzuki car parts and posters

Here's a dekko at the Cafe's Unique Decor

For more: Check Maruti Suzuki Way of Life on Facebook and Twitter

The Graffiti Corner

Braking Point, an aptly named Automobile theme Cafe, commemorated the delight of the two cultures through their cuisine and delicacy. They had a bunch of tempestuous, mouth-watering, Pinterest-perfect cuisine curated by renowned Chef- Vicky Ratnani.

Truly an indulgence

This Sweet potato & cottage cheese was one of my favourite.

I did not realise how the time flew at the cafe. The food was a good blend of culture and taste.

The cafe was strategically placed at the venue wherein we could sit at the porch and enjoy the live music performances by lead singers like Baba Sehgal and pretty girls, hold your breath- A dapper looking Ayushman Khurana.

My entire EPL experience was redefined and it was indeed a time well invested. The Braking Point Cafe will be coming soon at Delhi at Grubfest. Go ahead, brake, indulge and get your taste buds racing with a brand that had driven you on the road, ages after ages and still continues to.

Stay head in race of time with,
Haute Kutir


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