Five Shoes That Every Woman Should Own

What takes away her woes?
and cures her moody blues?
Diamond? Oh yes!
Clothes, accessories and
pair of dazzling shoes!

Well, women and shoes have a history of mutual love and fondness. Whether it was Cinderella's shoes that helped her unite with her Prince Charming or the Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who loved her silver shoes dearly.

No wonder why the shoe is such a popular accessory with so many fairy tales and their protagonists including the Karen of Red Shoes and the legendary Puss in the boots. Shoes are after all no longer a mere accessory but have become an important part of a woman's dressing and social standing. 

While I cannot help except living with my sports shoes [ I cannot wear any other shoes], I cannot stop swooning over those lovely pairs, though. So, if you are fond of shoes and planning a shoe wardrobe, you would like to read about these 5 awesome #mustHave shoes in a woman's wardrobe.

5 Must-Have Shoes in a Woman's Wardrobe

Your shoe is not just a fashion accessory that compliments your dress but it talks a lot about your personality. A good shoe not just adds to your dressing but accentuate your style too. 

There are a plethora of shoes available in the market. Here are top 5 types of shoes that every girl must own-

1) Pumps: Classic Pumps are the most versatile shoes that a woman can have. You can wear them for your college, work, parties and even shopping. Choose between a pointed pump, a black pump or a flat pump. They are easy to wear, maintain and quite comfortable too. My pick- Black and a nude pump or a Ballet Flat


2) City Boots: To me, they signify power dressing. Essentials for your winter and Fall months, they come in knee-high or ankle high styles. You can go for a straight shaft, tiny stacked heels or even the one with straps. I recommend black or brown flat pairs for everyday use. You can also go for Auburn numbers to bring a tinge of glamour to your pair of denim and a white tee. 

3) Canvas Sneakers: They are a girl's favorite weekend shoes and goes alike with dresses or denim.  They are trendy and comes in fun patterns. You can go for plain canvas sneakers or the one with a floral/ asymmetric print. They have a very youthful approach and comfortable to walk in. My favorite is a pair of plain beige, Olive or sky blue sneaker and if you love prints, go for a floral one in solid Fall colors like Orange or pink polka dots.

4) Sandals: The sandals are long-running and such a ubiquitous footwear that you can pull off with different outfits, with elan. They make a perfect pair for summers and you can ditch your flip-flops for that. Select one with the single strap or a gladiator style and pair it with your short skirt, Indian ethnic wear or even summer dresses. You can wear them down or go for some flashy numbers in metallic colors or flirt with some casual numbers. You know you can wear them in your 20s as well as in your 40s

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5) Sports Shoes: Okay Cool, you may not be into running or the gym type but you cannot deny the comfort, the ease, and the health benefit that a sports shoe can provide your feet. They are best for workouts, brisk walking. They not just provide good support while walking but help in maintaining your overall gait, and makes such a cool fashion statement. Slip them on your short dress or jeans with a pair of toe length socks or wear them barefoot. They are stylish and worth the moolah you spend on them.

My favorites are the running shoes and that should tell you my level of optimism in the life :)

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Apart from these 5 types of footwear, you can also go for usual favorites like Loafers, Flip-Flops. Unlike dressing shoe pairing has no hard and fast rules except the formal code. A lot depends upon your styling and the ease of carrying a shoe with your outfit. If you have all the above types of shoe in your wardrobe- you are indeed on the right shoe track. If not, go ahead and plan your next shoe.

So tell me, which one is your favorite from this list?

Haute Shoes, Haute Style

PS: Thank you Toads for this lovely inspiration!

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