The Five Essentials of A Bridal Trousseau

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It is wedding season in India and I can see lots of exciting, yet anxious faces around. Tell me, as a wannabe bride, what troubles you most?

Off course, you are daunted about the life ahead, adjustment into new family/home extra, et cetera. However, the current focus must be on getting the wedding and its rituals did successfully, blissfully and in a manner that you always dreamt about.

Every girl has certain dreams for her wedding. Irrespective of her social status, she wants it to be best. As in dressing in finest bridal wear, wearing classy jewellery, perfect makeup, keepsake memories and what not.

After all, it is one of the most special days of her life and she wants nothing but the best for her.

At Haute Kutir, we understand what you aim for, your internal emotions and your heartfelt desires that are linked to your wedding and life ahead. We know how much it matters to you and hence, from time to time, we try to work on addressing your lifestyle related concerns including showcasing the latest and greatest in the beauty and lifestyle.

Bridal Trousseau and Wedding Masterclass

Some time back, we attended a wedding masterclass organised by Weddingsutra and JW Marriott Mumbai, wherein we met some of your lovely brides to be. [Do Follow me on Snapchat & Instagram for Live Coverage] One common concern among a lot of you was with regard to the Bridal Trousseau.

What is a Bridal Trousseau: A Bridal trousseau is a set of things/items that a new bride needs for/during and after her wedding. It comprises of dresses, jewellery, glory box, makeup and more. Some people also use it to refer dowry but we like to abstain from that word. Essentially, it is the list of all the beauty/fashion/feel good items that she carries with her to her husband's house.

Shopping for a bridal trousseau takes a lot of time and efforts. In a bid to make the most of it, brides often tend to overspend in buying "trivial many over essential few". Well, buying things that you may not use not just block your money but also a lot of space in your wardrobe. Hence it becomes imperative to buy smart and wise. After all, there is no dearth of shopping opportunities in life for women, right? :)

Essentials of Bridal Trousseau
To make your Trousseau shopping simpler and organised, I have come up with a list of 5 essentials of a bridal Trousseau.

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Hope that was helpful. You can always write to me at for any query or concerns regarding your bridal trousseau and more. 

Happy Wedding,
Haute Kutir


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