Women, It's time to switch from Vodka to Whiskey

Hey Women, What is Your Poison?
Hey women, hey you alpha women, what are you drinking today?
Gin, Wine, Mojito or the usual Vodka? Well, let me put the stats to perspectives here. I randomly asked 20 women a simple question- What do they prefer to drink their souls on?. Here's what I found-
65% Vodka with juice/ aerated drinks
10% Virgin Mojito
15% Wine [preferably red]
5% Beer [Fruit or draught]
5% Others including Gin, Martini others.
Woohoo, these were some numbers that indeed spell the drinking choice of today's women [mostly the sampled universe]. I was surprised to find that there are very few women who like drinking whisky. Notwithstanding the cultural issues, gender bender, GDP of faraway Caca islands, I wondered what is it that's stopping women from enjoying one of the most matured beverages of all times - Whisky? I was not surprised with the answers, though. I was surprised with the fact that given their aptitude to enjoy a good drink, what is keeping these women from trying whisky?
Does Whisky Make You Frisky?
Indeed! A large part of the society thinks whisky is meant for men. I wonder what could be the reason behind it?  Excuse me for my expression, but being an early wine aficionado, it is a glass of whisky with 2 cubes of ice that does the trick to me. Of course, I drink very occasionally but whenever I do, I prefer Scottish Whisky over Russian Vodka. 
Now let me tell you, there are women who drink red and white wine but the world needs to realise that there are women who love whisky too. You will be surprised to know that dining under the moonlight accompanied by a glass of whisky on the rocks defines the perfect evening for a woman. You may call it as an ability to hold your drinks better but for me, it is to have and savour a taste for finer things in life. 
Women, if you too like an aged flavour and are occasional drinkers like me, yet want to make the most of that one glass of beverage- do try the mellifluous symphony of this liquid gold. 
To select a right whisky, look for the gold colour, smokey aroma. And if you are someone who loves Golf, try the Golfer's Shot Barrel Aged whisky. It is matured in handcrafted oak casks that create a rich Golden colour and intense character, marrying taste with the blend. The attractive bottle design is indeed for keeps. Take a long stemmed Tulip glass and pour yourself some Gold.

And while you enjoy your whisky, ensure that you drink as much as you can hold. For fine taste is not about the quantity but always the quality.
Enjoy your whisky but do not drink-drive.

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