A Beauty Afternoon with #VLCCStyleStatements

VLCC is a name that needs no introduction. They have been a pioneer in health and beauty services for more than a decade. They have a wide range of services starting from skin care to hair styling to exclusive facials, bridal makeup, slimming services and more.

Off late, a lot of us reckoned VLCC primarily for their slimming and health management services, which is not fair as the brand has a multitude of expert services in their wide-spread wings to offer.

If you follow me on social media channels, you would recall that I would often go to VLCC for my beauty and hair services. I have tried different facials and haircut from their widespread branches in the country. Mostly, I was a regular at their Kolkata and Hyderabad branch and been to their Mumbai branch [in Borivalli] once to have my haircut.

Recently, VLCC in their endeavor to reach out to more consumers and known more for their beauty services invited bloggers in Mumbai to attend a session with them and try from their basket of services to have a first-hand experience.

In Mumbai, the event was conducted at their Worli branch, wherein they offered beauty services to bloggers. The services they offered were-

  • 1)         Foot Reflexology
  • 2)         Head massage
  • 3)         Manicure or Pedicure
  • 4)         Chrome Nails
  • 5)         Face makeover [Makeup]
  • 6)         Blow dry

I have opted for a hair cut. The pretty Iris from Manipur was assigned to give me a haircut.
My brief to Iris was simple- I needed a simple haircut without compromising a lot on the length, and hair that needs zero maintenance, yet look on my face.

My last haircut was a box-step cut and hence, Iris decided to give me a simple layered look. I have experimented with this look in the past and was aware of the fall, so I gave her a go ahead.

She took to the task and finished it with a blitzkrieg speed. She took less than 30 minutes to wash my hair, style them into layers and doing a final set with the blow dryer. Here is how my hair looks-

VLCC promises to have an umbrella of services ranging from beauty treatment to consultations under one roof. Secondly, the brand has a substantial network across the country. So, if you are living in a city like Mumbai, you need not have to travel far. With their high distribution/franchise network, you are likely to find a branch closest to your place. 

Reader’s Question: Anumeha Punjabi
One of my blog readers asked me if VLCC offers Vampire uplift [famous face uplift treatment from West, popularized by Ms. Kardashian] and who shall opt for it?

I have asked the Marketing Head- Sushmita who flew in specially to answer the different queries by bloggers.

The answer is Yes. Also, it is for people with Dull and Sallow skin. However, one needs to go through proper consultation to be able to avail it.

So Anumeha, I hope to have answered your question.

Haute Kutir View: So next time whenever or whatever you are planning to do with your Skin, Hair and Body, do check out VLCC. For more details, visit their blog


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