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“There is nothing more important than a good, secure, safe Home”.

Rosalynn Carter

A house is not just a structure of brick and mortar. It is the place that people call home. Home is a feeling that may be at bottom of Maslow’s pyramid as physiological needs but is on top of the same “Need Hierarchy Pyramid” as the feeling of self-actualization.

Home is where the heart is, is not a cliché but a phenomenon. A philosophy that is not just about receiving but also about giving, investing back through Quality care and protection.

So, when a home provides so many myriad things to us from security to comfort to happiness, tending back to its infrastructural needs becomes an imperative task.

Often we beautify our homes from the outer side, turning a blind eye to the actual repair and maintenance at the infrastructure level, which may be dangerous or fatal as well. 

Hence, it becomes imperative to not just take care of the external maintenance but to evaluate every nook and corner of it 360 degrees, objectively.

Poor Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair
I recall all my experiences while looking for a suitable house in all the cities- Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata & Mumbai that I lived in. I would have seen tons of houses at these locations, some of them were beautifully built but poorly maintained. If you demand repair, people will be more tend to do lowest cost “quick fix” or an SOS camouflage.

No beautiful chandelier could evade a cracked ceiling or rainwater stained walls. It may temporarily hide but will deteriorate further in long term. So, when it comes to housing or society, rise from short-term to long-term vision.

The Alarming Condition of Metropolitan Infrastructure
Why go far, let’s talk about Mumbai, the city of dreams in India.
There are more than 50,000 cooperative societies in the Mumbai Metropolitan region. Hold your heart, out of these many coop societies not even 10% structures undergo the structural audit in spite of strict municipal regulations.

Not just that, according to CA Ramesh S. Prabhu – Chairman – MSWA, out of these 50,000 co-op societies around 15,000-16,000 urgently need repairs.  

Who will take responsibility? Does blame help?

The primary challenge remains to make citizens aware about the importance of buildings being kept healthy. 

Healthy Buildings and Society with Dr. Fixit
With an attempt to energize CHS individuals into starting providential basic reviews and repairs, Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite - the Waterproofing Expert has propelled an activity which concentrates on "Building a Healthy Society" by bringing issues to light about the need of convenient arranging of repairs alongside right determination and master answers for the surface zone. Dr. Fixit conducts the correct finding which helps in building sound social orders and in this way take care of issues confronted by the mortgage holder, for example, sogginess and spillages.

I attended a bloggers meet by Dr. Fixit which has an expert panel who heartily spoke and educated more about this.

In case, you missed my Snapchat on that day, here are tweets for your reference <Follow me on twitter @numerounity >

A house need not tell just about the people dwelling in it.  It also speaks volumes about its own persona. If you want to reflect a right persona of self and the place where you live, you need to invest your time and energy into right diagnostics, prognostics, repairs and damage control. All you need to do is-

1)    Keep your intent correct, banish sub-standard construction practices
2)    Do not ignore water leakages in your house and the building. “Fix it” immediately
3)   Avoid over enthusiastic and neglected renovations
4)   Do periodic diagnostic of your building
5)   Exercise Damage Control
6) Do check out the Tech Chat feature by Dr. Fixit that aims to address your concerns, educate and help

Remember, prevention is better than cure. 

Happy Homes, Happy Living

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