When I Tried PAC Cosmetics Zero Pore Separation Primer Cream

How I Met PAC

Past Week, my sister in law visited me, in a bid to do some makeup on me. She wanted to pick few cosmetics from the PAC shop near my house as well, the one that I have often planned to visit but you know, how things get skipped.

So finally, I took the plunge for the much-awaited store visit. While we reached the place, which was a PAC heaven actually wherein you can try all variants of PAC cosmetics including their wonderful makeup brushes, makeup, vanity kits etc. 

After applying the newly acquired patience that I developed at Sephora Dubai [mumbai always has low stock plus the distance between us is quite high], I tried to demonstrate the same there. Thanks to Colorbar who handed me a makeup goodie box recently which I have not tried, I managed to save my bank and picked stuff that was immediately required- A Primer.

Primer for the Zero pore

You may ask that when in my videos I keep on saying that I do not have pores, why do I have to pick a primer? Well, the simple logic is that I need a good primer to serve as a good base while I apply foundation. Hence, something with Zero Pore makes more sense to me. 

Thankfully PAC had not just one but Two. After a bit of eeni meeni myna moe, I picked one- The Zero Pore Separation Cream

PAC Zero Pore Separation Cream

What: Face Primer
Brand: PAC Cosmetics
MRP: Rs 750 for 30GM
Form: Transparent Gel
Packaging: Round Glass bottle

I have shot my first impression, a brief trial and bundled them all in a YouTube Video. In this video, I will be talking about-

1) How I selected this product
2) My First Impression
3) A quick trial, using it as a base for makeup
4) A quick comparison using a primer form my existing brand, using half on half method.

I have used the primer only on face baring my eyelid. Why so? Cause I generally do not wear primer on my eyelids and have a separate base for it. In this video, I had barely any makeup on me except a little lipstick and eyeliner, as I wanted to do a "real-time"/ "as real as it can get" review for you without trying to conceal my no makeup look :P

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What I Liked About The Product

1) Texture and Finnese
2) It absorbs quickly
3) Specialist for a no-pore skin
4) Overall feel

What I Think Could Be Better

1) Packaging could be in a transparent, light-weight Tube form
2) Pricing could be within 500 range though it is competitive.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and like I mentioned in my video, only repeat usage will help me ascertain if this product will be my holy grail or no. Till such time, go ahead and try this cream if you have a dry skin-no-pore condition and if you are looking for a good primer.

I hope you will like my review/ trial Tuesday, do let me know what do you think? I love your feedback.

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