Makeup Trends To Ditch in 2018

 "Creativity is intelligence having fun" Albert Einstein

Trends might be creative, sometimes completely out of the box and absolutely endearing. They, however, come with a certain shelf life and indeed an opportunity to improvise. 

Notwithstanding, disagreement towards following trends blindly, I have compiled few trends that I humbly think should either exit or take a better shape [literally] in the year 2018. 

What are those trends?

Actually, there are quite a lot of makeup trends that should figure in this list. All from the spider eyebrows, to excessive bronzing and more. I have briefly covered a few of them viz-

1) OTT Layering of Makeup Base
2) Jokers Contouring
3) Blinding Highlighters
4) Unibrows
5) Boxy Brows
6) Falsies / False Eyelashes

Why should they exit or improvise?

Beauty is magical but not illogical. There is a logic to any makeup, and if not tended well, the makeup that promised to enhance you into a beautiful swan of self can actually make you look like an ugly duckling. Well, in my world there is no one ugly by their looks but in the world of makeup, one wrong stroke can make your beautiful face look totally un-beautiful [if there is a word like that, else infer the meaning :)]

Baring the literature, I have spoken on these unwanted trends at a length in my video. Do watch it completely to learn more. 

Disclaimer: This video is not to hurt anyone's sentiment or personal choice, but a view in general. 

Scope of my recommendation

This does not include makeup for artistic or editorial purposes. Makeup for ramp may be originated for a particular theme and is generally restricted to that show. While everyday makeup, party or event makeup is included.

What would you opt for?

If I have to choose between a flashy makeup or a no-makeup look, I will go for the latter. Abundance is good when it comes to care and conscience. With makeup, logic is as good as any science, art or baring few traits of commerce. 

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Haute Kutir Verdict: Like I said, beauty is above trends and makeup is just to enhance the beautiful you. Watch the trends or create you may. However, be open to improvise or stop when required. A little logic goes a long way even though it is makeup. Excess or deficit are always extreme choices when it comes to practicing the art of makeup.

Be Trendy, Be Haute

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