Teach Your Kids How to #HaarkoHaraao

The values we give our kids in their childhood, largely frame their personality. 

We feel it’s perfectly okay for our kid to fall a few times before he can actually walk a few steps for the first time, then why do we forget to give our kids that time he needs to succeed when he grows a little older

It’s not if you win or lose, It’s all how you play the game
It’s time we tell our children, “It’s okay to fail, but never give up.”

Hope you remember my nephew Pihu from airport blog. I met him recently and was surprised to see him ace his Tennis game. However, he mentioned he will yet not participate in his school tournament. When I asked why his only answer was “What if I lose?” He was scared of failure. Even when the match is a great opportunity for him, he is only worried about protecting the school’s reputation in presence of his teachers and other students. He didn’t want to be looked down upon.
It took me a little while to explain to him that in a game of two, one is bound to win and the other bound to lose. The one who wins takes away the medal but the one who loses takes away a beautiful learning experience and more tips to ace his game next time. Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger and better.
And how it is perfectly ok to not win.  It is persistence, perseverance, and tenacity of goals that define chalk from cheese, winners from quitters.
Always be a good sport, because everybody’s trying the same.
Looks like my positive confrontation worked and after a little nudge he agreed to play, and though he did not win that game, he played well, neck to neck. We celebrated that day.
As a parent, I encourage my kid and make him believe what he is capable of.
When preparing kids for life, let us tell them the value of hard work but they should also be prepared to cope with failures.   
It is important that we remember - Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.
Our only aim is to teach our kids to be better than what they were yesterday, at anything and everything.
Failures should be treated as stepping stones, an opportunity for improvement. And trust me, a little encouragement goes long.
It is important to instill positive goal alignment in kids, irrespective of what goals are. We should nourish their goals beyond the boundaries of success and failure. Accepting your failures and learning from them is an important life skill that every child needs to be taught. It is a tool for course correction and not a machinery of fear.

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