Video: Simple Party Makeup Using Color of the 2018

New Year, New Color: Happy 2018

Happy New Year, my lovelies. The date changed to 2018 from 2017, and soon you will find many things changing the beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle circuit including the new makeup and hair, Fashion dressing trends for 2018. Not the forget the color of the year. 

Olive green, Indigo, and millennial pinks are the thing of the past, The color of the year 2018 is predicted to be "Ultraviolet". Ultraviolet is a feisty color after all that communicates visionary thinking, ingenuity, and originality. 

I find the color, including its hues quite cosmic and contemplative, enigmatic and complex. It has a very pop of a cultured sound to it and hence makes a great wear for the party! 

Last year when Sigma Beauty sent me their smokehouse palette, I chose to try the least used color i.e. Purple [misty] and wore the look for one of my September videos. Apparently, a lot of you liked and made me do the makeup tutorial for that look. 

Little did I knew that the star of the show- the purple eye-shadow will become the color of the upcoming year. Whoa! I am so excited and overwhelmed.

Let me live my moment, in the meantime, you watch this simple yet enchanting purple smokehouse makeup tutorial that you can wear to the party or even pop shows.

About The Look

I drew my inspiration for this look from the beautiful Sigma Eyeshadow palette that had an unusual shade of purple and aqua blue. Like many of you, I was not so comfortable with these two colors and always attributed them to people with a fairer complexion. Notwithstanding the behest to consume the pending utility of the palette for a long time, I thought of experimenting with them.

Purple Party Makeup Tutorial

It is not just the purple but the red, pink and the green has a ring to it. I wore this look on my olive green top with a silver bling. Feel free to recreate the same or experiment with different sets and share with me.

Watch now on YouTube

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I have deliberately tried to create this look as natural and as real, as I could. The minimal lighting set up and the phone camera will help you with a real feel so that you are not perplexed when the HDR finish of a few of the other YouTube tutorials does not translate as well on your face. Feel free to study your face, remodel the look.

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See you soon.

Stay Beautiful, Stay Haute
Haute Kutir

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