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The Age Of Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes? 

What The Hack!

There is a new crime threat floating on the worldwide web, it is called- Cyber Extortion. 

With the increasing advent of the Internet and Social Media, the exposure to the crime via cyber have increased manifold too. Cyber crimes or cyber attacks are not just restricted to the hacking of an email id or plagiarising someone else content or copyright material. The new age cyber attacks include threats like - Identity theft, Cyber Stalking and even Cyber Extortion.

Out of these, Cyber Extortion is the worst type of cyber attack and was highly in news recently. 

What Is Cyber Extortion
Cyberextortion is an Internet-based attack or threat coupled with a demand for money [as in ransom] to avert or stop the attack. It is largely done with an individual or an enterprise's data. It is quite akin to extortion in real life when the attacker will hack your data [kidnap], blackmail you with breaking your firewall, leaking your content and bully in general unless you keep paying an exorbitant sum of money, which does not guarantee any aversion yet.

Scared? Well, if you are someone working heavily online, you should be. However, more than being scared, you need to be aware so as to prevent being a victim.

While there are various types of cyber extortions, the most rampant off late is- Ransomware.

Ransomware as Cyber Extortion Threat

Ransomware is the worst form of Malware/virus plugged into your system. When a hacker plants a Ransomware in your system, he/she essentially encrypts all your files/documents/ pictures extra or makes your website nonfunctional. You can see the file in the system but you cannot open or access any of them. 

Your data is the "Hostage" here, keeping your work in the limbo with no scope of discussion, request or negotiations whatsoever. The attacker demands a huge sum of money, sometimes in Bitcoins ranging from Rs 25000 to Lakhs from an individual to an enterprise. And Payment does not guarantee that your data will be recovered or any further attacks would not be done.

My Experience Being a Victim of RansomWare [Cyber Extortion]

Ransomware was big in news last year in 2017. But my laptop fell prey to much before in August 2016. I still do not know what was the actual source from where the ransomware entered in my otherwise "secure surfing", anti-virus protected laptop. I recall that I have installed NetMeeting app so my broadband service provider can access my laptop from his office and check my system health. I was traveling to Chandigarh and needed them to help with something before catching my flight. I shut down my laptop which was working fine even next morning before I left for the airport. On my return, I experienced strange things happening to my system and before I could understand, ransomware took better of my system. Unfortunately or rather surprisingly, I did not have any data backup. Trust me, I tried almost everything from requesting antivirus cos to tech expert to tech bloggers to google based research. Alas, nothing helped my case and I left with no choice but to accept what the attackers demanded.

Being me, I turned their demand down and gave my system to reformat and buy a new laptop. I knew I could not recover my data and was ok to start from scratch again. It was a nightmare that I wish no other individual or enterprise should go through. 

Though I did not pay to attackers it cost me a bomb. I not just lost my data which included my claim files and invoices but buying different antivirus solutions to get help, a new laptop was a costly affair too. 

I so much wish I had at least any Insurance!

I wished if there was any Insurance to Protect against Cyber attacks!

Bajaj Allianz Individual Cyber Safe Insurance Policy
Recently, I came across this new age Insurance Policy that aims to protect individuals against the widespread cyber attacks viz-

1) Identity Theft
2) Cyber Stalking
3) email Spoofing
4) Cyber Extortion
5) Various Others.

They have individual cyber safe insurance policy that ensures that you get an optimum protection against potential cyber threats and risks.

Coverage Offered
1) Defense costs as a result of any claim by affected party.
2) Prosecution costs against a Third party for identity theft
3) Cost of Transportation to court and photocopying of documents

To know more, visit- website

To enroll: link 

Remember the old saying- Prevention is better than cure! You may not be able to avert or prevent cybercrime in totality but having a good insurance policy is important and ensures peace of mind.

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