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Pet brings a certain sense of belongingness in us. You may not guarantee a human relationship. It may turn sweet, bitter, sour or selfish. However, relationship with pets comes with an infinite guarantee for sure. At least from my own experience.

Pets and Empty Nest Syndrome
In spite of having three children, seeing their empty nest makes my parents very sad and helpless. My parents are simple and caring people who find some solace in their pets. They had adopted some parrots whom they were immensely attached with. However, when the parrots flew away [they refuse to trim the wings in spite of the fear] and never came back, they turned super sad, vowing to not adopt any other pets henceforth. They said they do not want to add more names to their "already missing children" list as the reason for this decision. 

This decision lasted quite some time until in December 2016 when my mother saw this cute pair of newborn boxer babies in a neighborhood. The lady of the house [who owned these dogs] planned to give/sell away the offsprings anyways, that is how my parents adopted these two cute boxer puppies siblings.

Boxy and Bruno

Yes, this what my parents named them.

You may wonder why two? Well, the emotional goose ball that my sweet mom is, she felt that the puppy need his brother so he has a company in absence of their mother. Our household was not prepared for one dog I guess, and my mother bought two, much to my dad's periodic complain. yeah, he complained about adopting two as they were super unmanageable and needed double space.

And then, my parents took this regrettable decision to move to my younger brother's house in Pune. The misadventure obviously backfired and they returned back soon to their empty nest with their now grown up puppies [gosh they grew quite in size]. Likewise my parents, the boxers too liked this decision as it gave them more space to play sans the hatred or any disowning behavior they get at the Pune household. When spaces are small, it becomes difficult to manage dogs leave alone tow boxer dogs who love to indulge in activities that include going room to room and checking on all family members especially kids. Ah! They were not allowed to be with the baby [as the baby's mother feared probable infection/allergies from homely dogs with fully complied vaccination schedules] and you know how much dogs love the babies. Spaces, I tell you!

Nevertheless, being a dog lover myself, I stayed at arm's length away from dogs. Yes, I was bitten by a domestic dog in my childhood but that wasn't the governing fear. It was overall distance. space again, you see.

It is Boxy, my boxer dog, the naughty of the lot who bailed away this distance by his persistent "let me smell, let me lick and let me touch" behavior. Ah! boxy is not a naughty but very lively dog. Not to mention the innocent face that he makes. 

It was a perfect example of "Ekta resist and boxy persist" demo at my parent's home when I visited them this February. And I am so glad that boxy persisted. I am actually sadder. Cause I got so attached to them and now miss them sordidly especially Boxy, but obvious.

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I will come back with more updates on them if possible. However, if you too have boxer dogs let me know your experience with them, like what have you named them, what do you feed, their interesting habits and more.

Trust me, the kind of belongingness, love, and Loyalty that a pet brings to you, is unparalleled.

I feel bad for the people who cannot treat speechless pets well. Remember, adopting a pet may be as simple as buying a product from the market but unlike the commodities, pets are living being and get dependant on you. So while you plan to adopt a pet, be very responsible and accountable.


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