DIY Home Spa For Hair & Body

Why Home Spa?
It is Summer Time and the heat is strong. Your body needs a lot of pampering and care. More than care, you need some time off your busy schedule to relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself. If time is a limit and heavy salon bills do not excite you much, try the home spa. It is not just more hygienic, better, economical but also highly effective.

Understanding this constraint, I have filmed a video on how you can have a spa day in the comfort of your home, doing basic things using widely available products and still benefit from it.

In this video, I will do step by step guide to do your own hair and body spa at home. 

How To Do A Home Spa
A spa is a fancy word connoting a mineral spring bath to give you health benefits. Having a spa at a luxurious salon is a luxury in itself. However, sometimes it becomes too time-consuming, expensive and not so reflecting. 

So I have curated a basic Indian style home spa that you can do at your home. I have divided this home spa into different categories like-

1) Oil Massage
2) Hot Towel
3) Ubtan Ritual
4) Shower
5) Post Shower Prep up
6) Refreshment

Watch my video to know more-

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Do remember the following tips-

1) Use readily available products in your home like Rosewater, Gram Flour, Curd, Hair Oil.
2) Clean your hands before the spa.
3) This method will not just relax you but will add to your skin and hair care. You may start seeing the difference from the first time.
4) Avoid using any dryers to blow dry your hair

Hope you will like this video, for any query, do write to me or leave a comment here.

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Haute Kutir Verdict

Remember if you do not take care of self, nobody will. To stay young, feel good and look good, it is important to give your body some pure indulgence. Indulgence need not be expensive or tagged with a brand. They can be simple yet effective. Try this DIY Home spa and let me know your views.

Stay Haute, Look Haute

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