An Evening at The Kettlery, Tea Bar Mumbai

Tea Time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our Surroundings -

Letitia Baldridge

Last week I was invited by The Kettlery, a brand new tea bar franchise at Mumbai. It was the grand opening of the place, a one of its kind- Tea bar infused with veg food pairing.

I had a long day at work and this felt like a good option to unwind myself. Besides, the invite had the name "Chef Vicky Ratnani" and that my dear, is a pull big enough. Apparently, he co-created the desi veg menu here.

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I was greeted by the courteous Chef Ratnani Himself who opened the door to this small yet enticing cafe bar.

Not just that, he welcomed me with an awesome mojito that was perfect for my taste bud. I met some interesting people and had fun conversation, as much I could click more pictures and taste a little. yet whatever I tried, I would love to share with you here. Check out the pictures below and please your senses :)

The very mild yet flavorful Moroccan Mojito Tea that spells refreshing to the T. Yeah!

Ever Tried mixing your tea with your favorite pani-puri? Well, sounds eccentric but taste just as good. 

 This Mirchi Vada is one of the best that I ever had. It was crisp yet filled with delicious goodness. You must try this one.

The couscous Khichdi was light and easy meal. This makes for a quick and breezy eat.

Sweet endings with what else but a tea cake. Simple yet soft and spongy.

The Kettlery is at Juhu, Mumbai.

Eat Haute, Stay Haute
Haute Kutir [Ekta]


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