Shop Using Rupay to get 10% Discount at Big Bazaar

Question: What Happens When RuPay Meets Big Bazaar?

Answer: You Get 10% additional discount on Your Shopping!

Getting an extra 10% on your Shopping Cart
Who doesn't love shopping, and given the wide variety of merchandise available in the supermarkets, your heart always wants to have more. Like adding that block of cheese or buying new ear pods with your phone or adding some accessories to the clothes to complete your fashion needs. 

Often we curb our shopping list due to limited budget or not carrying enough cash for that additional purchase or not having enough balance on our mobile wallet. Well, leave all your cashless worries to RuPay as it brings a new advantage for its users. 

Get 10% Discount with RuPay
Yes, RuPay- A first of its kind domestic Debit and Credit Card network of India introduced a new benefit for all Big Bazaar Shoppers out there.

Buy your usual groceries from Big Bazaar, Apparel from FBB or electronics from eZone and pay with RuPay card to get a discount of 10% [above bill value of Rs 1500]

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What is RuPay?

RuPay is the domestic Debit and Credit Card payment network of India, with wide acceptance at ATMs, POS devices and e-commerce websites across the country. It is a highly secure cashless network that protects against anti-phishing. 

The name, derived from the words ‘Rupee and ‘Payment’, emphasizes that it is India’s very own initiative for Debit and Credit Card payments. It is India's answer to international payment networks, expressing pride over our nationality.

With RuPay's new tie-up with Big Bazaar, FBB, and eZone, you can buy more and pay less. 

How RuPay Made Ratna, a Smart Shopper?
Ratna is an avid MasterChef fan. She loves to cook and try international cuisines. She is a regular shopper at Big Bazaar and gets her regular groceries from their store. Last week she wanted to try a new exotic pizza that Chef Vikas Khanna taught on TV and went shopping the ingredients from Big Bazaar. While paying the bill, she realized that she is not carrying enough cash. Gosh, she spent quite some time picking those stuff and now removing them from the cart is another time-consuming task plus it means she would be short of the ingredients she required for the pizza that she promised her niece for the surprise dinner. Her bill was roughly Rs 1550. Thankfully she had the Rupay Platinum Debit Card that she gave to the representative at the bill counter. The card took care of the entire bill and on top of that provided her with a discount of 10% which she redeemed on buying something special for her niece.

She bought some pastries from the additional discount for her grand Masterchef inspired pizza feast with her niece.

It was like she went to buy the pizza ingredients and came home with additional desserts too with no additional cost, absolute “Cashless and hassle-free”!

Be a smart shopper with RuPay

Well, it is not just Ratna but you too could be the smart shopper with RuPay card. All you need to do is- shop for Rs 1500 and above from Big Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar and ezone and pay using your RuPay card. Do check out the details including, maximum discount per transaction at their website to know more.

Hurry up, this smart offer is on 23rd March 2018 to 30th April 2018.

Happy Shopping!

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