Ellish Beauty Subscription Box India June 2019 Edition

Happiness is.....
Unboxing a new beauty box!


There is a new box that is making quite some stir in the beauty market. It is attractive and quite affordable too! Yes, I am talking about the new Ellish box. The new beauty subscription box.

Ellish Box June 2019 Ellish is a combination of 2 WORDS- elegance and lavish. Quite an appropriate name for the box.

Ellish box is a new monthly beauty subscription box that retails at MRP Rs 399 per month. And every month you get 4-5 beauty and makeup products in the box.

If you book a subscription of min 3 months or more, you will get an additional product as a gift inside the box. This offer is applicable on the subscription of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. For more details, do check their website.

Special Offers for Haute Kutir/ Ekta Khetan Readers Here is a special offer for my viewers who want to buy this box. Book an Ellish box this month and use my special CODE EKTA - you will get a surprise gift in the 1st-month itself. Isn't that amazing? Like the offer, the box is amazing too. Do check my complete unboxing video.

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So how do you like the box? let me know in the comment box below.

What's Inside My June 2019 Ellish Box

Here's a peek at all things Ellish, June 2019. Enjoy the pictures-

Haute Kutir Verdict
The bag is new. affordable and is quite competitive. Their initial subscription offer with a gift is an amazing strategy to win potential buyer's heart in the otherwise beauty boxes laden Indian Market.
I liked the box and would definitely recommend you to check my video and book this box.

If you are a new customer, feel free to use the EXCLUSIVE COUPON code mentioned above. If you are an existing customer, let us know what do you feel/experience. We would love to feature your stories.

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