Katrina Kaif Inspired Makeup look from Bharat | EiD Special

Why This look?
I loved the simplicity of this look. It is simple, elegant and ever-green. The look is very relatable and is relevant for many occasions.

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This is my first ever celebrity inspired makeup look and needless to say, I was quite nervous. I decided to try this look long back but almost gave up as I feared of failure too much. Then I saw some really dewy finish looks from Metgala and thought of doing a whole together new look. I contemplated a lot on doing a makeup tutorial video as am not very comfortable filming one. Besides, I have many other video concepts pending from long. Including trying new products and shopping haul.

Finally last week I decided to shoot this one. After shortlisting the sari, shooting area, lighting extra, I shot this video over 5+ hours. The lighting went downhill just before the final look and extra spicy lunch made me so teary eyed that some of my concealers got washed away. I somehow managed to the finished shooting but ended up with almost an hour's footage {Gosh I need to up my filming n editing game} It took me 3+ days to complete editing [yes I edited in between all the household chores etc] 

Today was my deadline as EID is coming on the 5th of June and I wanted this video to be up before the weekend.
 Do watch this video and let me know the kind of content that you want to see more on my YouTube Channel.

Haute Kutir

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