Maybelline Creamy Matte 35 Rich Lipstick Review #MaybellineCreamyMatte

I Love Maybelline Lipstick

Maybelline is indeed one of the most loved cosmetic brands in India. Given its quality of products, affordable pricing, range of shades, fun appeal, Maybelline tops the chart in almost every beauty blogger's or any women's list. If it is yet to make an entry at your list, well it is about time. And what better to start wit than the ever loveable lipsticks!

35 Shades of Joy: Video Swatches 

There is a total of 35 shades in this range. The variants are in Red, Browns, Pink/Peaches, and Nudes. Overall, the shades have are versatile and has a good bearing for different Indian skin tones. There is red for brown, as well a Red for the Fair-skinned women.

I have swatched all 35 shades, yes 35 shades on my YouTube. It is a simple swatch video with no chit chat, no loads of gyaan[knowledge]. Just some necessary introduction [animated] and loads of fun-filled, haute swatches!

My YouTube Channel

Why Creamy Matte?

We all love the glossy lip color. However, wearing glossy lipstick is limited by occasion and time. For example, glossy lipstick is best worn during evening events or so. I would not generally recommend wearing a hyper glossy lipstick to work unless you are in the modelling or cosmetics retail.

A lot of women prefer wearing a matte finish, however, a lot of matte lipstick turn dry over the period and sometimes looks chapped on the lips. They are a strict no-no for dry lips.

If you are looking for a matte lipstick with a creamy effect that does not make your lips look parched, and gives a fresh feel then this creamy matte is your bet!

Price: Rs 299/-

What I Liked About These Range

Maybelline Creamy Matte is a Fabulous Lipstick Cause

1) Rich creamy shade with a matte finish
2) Matte finish that is quite emollient yet does not dry your lips
3) Easy to remove and does not leave deeper shades unless you swatch so many shades as crazy as me
4) World-class yet so affordable
5) Attractive shades in hues of Pinks, Reds, Nudes, Browns, Peaches...Yay
6) It is Maybelline, Our one of the most, most favorite brand.
7) It does not bleed out of lips.

What I Feel Could Be Better
The casing maybe. I liked the uber cases but it would be desirable to have some representation of the shade color on the case to identify the right shade.

Longevity And Pigmentation

The pigmentation is quite good and 2 coats of lipstick are good enough. The longevity is decent. However, it is not 100% transfer-free which is good in a great way as it is easy to remove. A touch up is desirable if you are using nude-peach shades.

My Favorites

Though I loved almost all color in this. My current favorite basis what I wear a lot these days without makeup are- Nude Nuance and Smitten.

Haute Kutir Verdict: Do not waste your time reading it, go pick your favorite shades from the video and flaunt :)

Haute Points: 4/5

Stay Haute, Stay Colorful

Ekta Khetan
Haute Kutir


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