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In this video, I am going to do something that I guess I have not in any of my videos before. It is going to be a little wet and wild with a new beauty brand in my kitty!

Yes, hold ur horses in this video I am going to try some new makeup that I bought from a relatively new brand to me- Wet and Wild. I don’t think that I have tried any of their products in the past. So I picked and bought some random cosmetics from Amazon India. I tried and purchased the most commonly used makeup items.

No, it is not a sponsored post. All the products are purchased using my own hard earned money.

It is experimental. And hope both of us will have fun doing this. Me and you. Me having fun while shooting vlogging this and you have fun while watching and trying some for self.

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Why Wet And Wild

I must tell you what pulled me to this brand. Here are 3 prime reasons as to why I picked this brand from numerous other brands.

1) The first and foremost reason was that- It is a cruelty-free brand. Cruelty-free means the products are not tested on animals nor use any of the animal products. I strongly oppose any kind of animal testing. We do not need to look good or feel better by bringing any other creature' life to pain and misery.

2) Secondly, I liked their look and feel. The packaging looks simple and nice. Check the product images to know what I mean.

3)Affordable pricing: I got them on some amazing pricing at Amazon.in I bought all these makeup under Rs 1000/-.

Now I know that a lot of you will tell me that I shouldn’t buy these from Amazon for the risk of duplicate products. And Amazon doesn’t return cosmetics even an hour after delivery. However, I took a calculated risk and it did not let me down. All the products looked genuine to me and were supplied by hok cosmetics. So neatly seal packed and intact.

Product Details and Trials

1) Photofocus foundation - Dessert Beige
2) MegaGlo Concealing makeup stick
3) An Ombre blush- mai tai buy u a drink [what an irresistible shade name]
4) Eyeshadow quad- hooked on vinyl
5) Peachy kohl crayon pencil named calling your buff. I do not remember why I exactly bought this one but I have some ideas to use this.

Here are the swatches of the foundation and the concealer. For other swatches, check out my YouTube Video.

I have bought all these products in April and have done Instagram stories revealing the haul. I did a small poll asking if you want a YouTube Video or an IGTV video. And all of You who said yes for a video on the Instagram stories, here we go.

Let's try, see, admire and understand if you too want to try some of these products. Absolutely #notsponsored.

Video Demonstration
Here's the video wherein I have tried these products. Do watch it.

You can watch this video on YouTube also. The link is here- Wet and Wild Haul

Haute Kutir Review: 

The makeup looked good and quite economical. I loved how creatively they have branded each. Of all the 5 products that I tried, I liked the Foundation most. Rest all products were ok-ok. The concealer was quite a low down for me. However, these were my first impressions. I would be using these products again especially the eye shadow quad. The pencil is quite a good choice esp if you want to use it to correct/conceal your eyebrow area. 

Haute Points
Overall I would give all these products the following points-
Foundation: 4/5
Concealer: 2/5
Blush: 3.5/5
Eye Shadow Quad: 4/5
Eyeliner pencil: 4/5

Have you used any of these products before? If yes, do share your feedback in the comment box below or mail me.

Haute Kutir
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