Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Colour Corrector Cream Review

Dark Circles Makes You A Not So Cute Panda!

Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul. If you want to beautify your eyes, you need to beautify your soul up.

However, dark circles are no way an indicator of a beautiful soul. You need to take additional care of your eyes during your youth to prevent dark circles formation and deeper pigmentations. Trust me once they peep in, they will last longer than your best friends. Easy to come, difficult to go.

You can’t rue them simply. While you work around with your Gaajar[carrots], Chukandar[Beetroot], Kheera [Cucumber], you also need a good concealer or a corrector to cover them before applying any makeup.

Why apply Corrector?

A lot of you asked me that why should one go for a corrector and not just concealer and the foundation alone? Well, it all depends upon the intensity of the dark circles. Generally, we select a foundation shade that matches exactly to our skin tone. Wherein our skin tone and color of the dark circle's varies intensively. If you apply the same shade to conceal those dark circles, the color will contrast with the darkness and look patchy. A corrector helps in equalizing the tone and color-correcting the dark circles. And it should always be followed with a concealer that is an exact match to your skin tone or just one shade brighter [if you have fewer dark circle issue].

The question then arises which is a good corrector use?

Trial Tuesday with Dermacolor

In the trial Tuesday segment of our vlog, we focus on trying newer products [focussing majorly on our makeup base]. This time we tried a highly tested and recommended corrector- The Dermacolor.

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So, wear your makeup and do not look like Panda. The patch looks good on them but may not look as good on you. Do color correction!

Let’s better up our soup and beauty together 🤗

Haute Kutir
Ekta Khetan

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